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Moment Ronaldo Cried after a Penalty Miss Euro2024 | Portugal vs Slovenia

Cristiano Ronaldo cried after he missed a penalty in the second half of extra time against Slovakia on the knockout stage. He cried bitterly.

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42 thoughts on “Moment Ronaldo Cried after a Penalty Miss Euro2024 | Portugal vs Slovenia

  1. Respect to all the Portugal players that were comforting Ronaldo, they grew up watching him and wanting to play alongside him and the moment he’s destroyed they all unite for him

  2. All the Messi fans in here. Why don't you go wank to Messi pictures and leave the goat alone.

    And remember, when Ronaldo left Spain, he had won over Messi 3 years in a row. Leaving as european champion. And that's the end of the rivalry.

  3. I'm a Barça fan, a Messi fan, but I can't do anything but admire such a legend of the beautiful game.
    After winning pretty much everything there is to win, at 39 years old, he shows the same passion as he did back on his prime days, seeing him cry for a missed penalty was so sad but i'm glad his team took care of him and cheered him up to win the match.
    He still has that fire and determination to seek perfection, and any less than that is not enough for him, he is one of a kind, and we should all be grateful for witnessing the best 2 players of all time facing each other.
    Mad respect for Leo and Cris, we'll probably never see any player like them in our lives.

  4. Vinicius when he cries for racism: He's such a crybaby he needs to be more like CR7
    Penaldo when he cries for a simple penalty: He's human too so much passion!

  5. No matter how he played well or not they are above their time , their time is gone but they achieved lot … both Messi and Ronaldo just doing extra … don't expect best …..

  6. For every irrelevant non entity pundit mocking Ronaldo there are a million real football fans who would put an arm around his shoulder and say “Thank you Cristiano for the years of magic” .. the whinging pundits using these moments to try to raise their own profile can slither back under their rocks .. please !!!

  7. He’s the prime example of how to quickly recover from your failure . He missed the penalty and after that he took the first one in the penalty shootout . We all are humans, prime of having emotions but to control them and conquer that what makes us special. Proud to witness such a G.O.A.T
    Ronaldo ❤

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