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Michael Proctor relieved of duties after mistrial declared in Karen Read case

Massachusetts State Police took action against the trooper who led the investigation into Karen Read weeks after his testimony in her murder trial, which ended Monday with a hung jury.

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21 thoughts on “Michael Proctor relieved of duties after mistrial declared in Karen Read case

  1. If he's fired, would he still (be required to) testify at a retrial? Would he be a reliable witness? Would he be a hostile one? If required to testify, is that with pay? Did he compriomise a future retrial? So many questions….

    Non-sequitor, but the woman would in pink @5:02 sounds like Linda Lavin. 😅

  2. He covered up for his buddies, who are possibly the perpetrators, tampered with evidence and trie to ruin an innocent woman but he is only getting a transfer? The fact that the prosecutor plans to keep going with this circus using taxpayers money is unbelievable

  3. Discrace in what he said all was a set up to all go after her as killing a man.yet proved the evidence was of an injuries ,the jury afraid of retaliations an the trial should of bee n held out of canton an judge removed.

  4. How about the cameras also point at HER family who is stressed and equally suffering at the idea that KR has been framed for this murder?! This Proctor clown should be put out to pasture & get fired.

  5. They're going to hide him until he can leave with his pension intact. He doesn't deserve it, and it should be given to some of the people whose lives he's ruined during his career.

  6. She is guilty as hell and all the evidence proves it… This is just like the OJ Simpson trial where her defense is trying every dirty trick in the book to get her off… 💥

  7. Reassigned, not fired like he should have been. Break up these cop unions they are too strong and are policing themselves. If this guy had any other job besides the publicly funded mafia he has he would be history instead he will walk with a six figure pension at his will. Crooked..

  8. Double Jeopardizing the case is a waste of both Taxpayers money and if retried should already cost the Prosecutors Office a couple jobs in itself.
    Its an election time nightmare forecasted for whomever plans to continue to attempt a trial for the future of this case.
    The Prosecutors officials elected should have some questions about this entire endeavor put forward as to what other misconduct matters abide in an official capacity capable of losing respect and proper integrity to the Future of that office.
    This has become a circus on the Prosecutor’s Office and should remain an issue to be able to take action against by the public and result in loss of the very Officials which brought this case to fruition.
    This outcome doesn’t look like Justification for the loss of all semblance of professionalism. This case appears to be brought about by rage.
    A Man lost his Life and too many people have continued to be paid despite the merit of this offense.
    One is curious as to whom has been so far kept beyond reproach in order to make this case scenario possible?
    One awaits the Internal Investigation which should pay proper attendance to such an audience in regard to the community. How many cases brought before this commonwealth should be overturned for their undesirable circumstances and the curious reality that follows such blatant mistakes attributed to such misconduct from the comforts and ill fated judgments pertaining to any other charges and resultant Casework?”

  9. Who cares about his F ing comments, we care about him not investigating the people who were there when John was murdered. And where is Chloe?
    I’m sure she didn’t “off herself”. The Albert’s had her put down. I hope the government starts their case soon

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