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Medical Examiner Testimony, Voicemails, & Tracking Data: MA v Karen Read Day 28 Recap

The medical examiner who performed the autopsy on Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe takes the stand in the #KillerOrCoverUpMurderTrial. Plus, Court TV’s Vinnie Politan analyzes the voicemails and tracking data presented to the jury during Day 28 of the case against #KarenRead.

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44 thoughts on “Medical Examiner Testimony, Voicemails, & Tracking Data: MA v Karen Read Day 28 Recap

  1. I dont even know why they are deliberating the injuries to John O'Keefe were not consistent with a motor vehicle strike. And number two , the investigation was botched from the beginning. With what went on with regards to trooper Procter ,it should have been thrown out right there.

  2. There is NO WAY the Feds will allow this Cop to go with no guilty killer, especially at the hands of a major sloppy cover up by a bunch of Canton PF/ ATF agent and friends. Karen is clearly NOT guilty based on the evidence I saw! She was one of the only people that didnt delete calls, delete website searches or destroy their phones.

  3. She might have been calling him a "pervert" in reference to the situation on vacation on New Years where she said she saw him kissing that friends young sister.. maybe thats why she was upset and saying that?

  4. The evidence from John's phone isn't looking good for the defense. The voicemails sound like Karen is saying that he deserved it. The tracking of John's phone showing he never went into the house and the phone never left the site where John's body was found is a big negative for the defense.

  5. And hearing about John being found outside in the snow made me think of the 3 Kansas City Cheifs fans and I can't believe there is still no cause of death re;eased!

  6. Didn't some of the female witnesses say while in the car with Karen, Karen was screaming is John at this womens house? or this womens house? Before John was found?

  7. How can the Jury believe anything what these police officers tell on the stand after the mirrored video, the bias Trooper Procter, the poor investigation and the "very special expert" Trooper Paul! 🤥🙈

  8. Vinnie and Court TV make it their JOB to always always always have the imagination to propose how any evidence presented can help the DEFENSE but can’t seem to ever imagine how this damning evidence against KR Supports the CW theory.

    Karen Read gunned her car in reverse hoping to just clip John. That was clearly intentional.

    Then over a matter of minutes or potentially hours- though I firmly believe it was minutes, realized she could have hit him too hard and incapacitated him and killed him.

    The 2nd degree murder charge fits because of her reckless intent but then, her CHOICE NOT to go back to where she’d clipped him, makes this crime even more egregious

    And I think it’s no doubt she changed her defense from accident to 3rd party because of the evidence CW has demonstrates her egregiousness

  9. If Karen Read gets off with it, are the attorneys office, the prosecutors going to go after the ‘cops’ ? The Alberts and the McCabes? Because the defence are placing their evidence against someone in the Albert home killing John OKeefe and leaving him to die. So when Karen walks from court because of trouper Proctor….. where is the justice for John OKeefe?

  10. Maybe Karen attacked him while he was in the car, that would explain the scratches and marks on him then she hit him. She was yelling at him calling him a pervert in the voicemails and she was blackout drunk apparently because she didn’t even remember going to Fairview.

  11. Okay, from what I perceive from this is that he was a womanizer, and he must of cheated on her…This is why she said I hate you but you missed she said.if you are with another are using me as a babysitter…you pervert…paraphrasing but the msg is clear..

    This is a pattern that there definitely were trust issues…

  12. Sometimes I feel sorry for Kevin Lenihan. He seems like a nice guy but either court tv or his own ego keeps forcing him to take these ridiculous positions that the evidence points to Karen’s guilt so clearly. It does NOT.

  13. If somebody murdered somebody, they’re not gonna go tell everybody I think I hit him. I hit him or did I hit him and show everyone her cracked, which was only cracked credible evidence by the DIGTON police officer as well she would not be telling people that

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