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Mavericks News & Rumors: Latest On Klay Thompson + Derrick Jones Leaves Mavs | NBA Free Agency Day 2

The big Mavericks news from Day 1 of 2024 NBA free agency was the Naji Marshall signing. Mavs GM Nico Harrison signed Marshall toa 3-year $27 million deal, which meant Derrick Jones Jr. was on the outs. Jones departed the Mavs for the Los Angeles Clippers, signing a 3-year $30 million deal. Now the Mavs’ focus shifts to landing Klay Thompson in NBA free agency, and according to various reports the Mavs lead the Los Angeles Lakers for Klay’s services.

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The latest Klay Thompson news:
Mavs are recruiting Thompson as a starter (Tim MacMahon)
The rumored contract number: 4-years, $70 million (Windhorst)
Mavericks are still in the lead for Klay (Windhorst)
Stephen A Smith says Klay is going to Dallas
Josh Green will likely be moved to create room for Klay

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46 thoughts on “Mavericks News & Rumors: Latest On Klay Thompson + Derrick Jones Leaves Mavs | NBA Free Agency Day 2

  1. We will really miss DJJ, he had brought so much energy and made Mavs games so much fun to watch! Same goes to JG, Thank you! Now, we have Quentin and Naji are here to give more intense defense and better shooters, speaking of which Klay have signed in for a 3 year 50M deal and it brings more dynamic on both offense and defense of the team. Thank you so much Nico for bringing in the business and players in this organization!

  2. I mean overall Naji is going to be better for the team overall. I miss DJJ too but the 3pt and offense was where DJJ was lacking a lot. This should work out for the Mavs just go watch Naji Marshall’s highlights he’s good man

  3. I don't think people realize what a perfect fit klay would be to the mavs !! Luka will make him the gunner he was 5-6 years ago ..
    Guy is one year younger than steph btw ..
    He averaged 18 last season ..
    He had some great shooting games last year and he can still be that gunner he was before .
    I really believe in him and i would be thrilled if he comes ..

  4. The key is that Klay wants a four-year contract, that does not wash with the Lakers. Lebron will not be playing basketball three years from now. He is an athletic phenom, but age does make the recover part of athletic performance get harder and harder. Playing in the NBAQ for a hundred games per year beats even Lebron up. Hopefully he will get to retirement before he has a major injury. The four contract ties into playing with Luka for the whole contract much more than playing with Lebron. The thing that Klay wants is to win a championship or two on his next team and prove he does not need to be playing next to Stephen Curry to win championships. There is a much greater chance of championships with Luka and Kyrie than with Lebron in the next four years.

  5. Most of the top free agents that wanted to go where they wanted to go, has made that choice. The Lakers want Klay but need time to do so, if Klay wanted Dallas he would’ve picked Dallas. Therefore- this is feeling like Klay is giving the Lakers the time they need but keeping the Mavs as a plan B.

  6. even if they agree with DJJ they can't sign him yet… so freeagency is stoped until the signing, because anything they do will affect the cap and then they will not be able to sign a free agent like DJJ… with this other signing they can still work in free agency, sign and trades…
    but they can't wait 15days to sign DJJ and risk losing anyother option shows up…

    it's prety clear that the agent change made DJJ lose money and the mavs lose DJJ

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