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MASSIVE Warriors Update… NBA Insider Updates on Klay | Lester Quinones Released… Warriors News

A breakup between Klay and the Golden State Warriors seems more likely than ever! Warriors are letting Lester Quinones leave in Free Agency. Major moves are happening by other NBA teams. How does that affect the Warriors? Randy Silver breaks down the reports and updates on everything we know about Klay Thompson’s free agency. Full Klay Thompson Free Agency Playlist:

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30 thoughts on “MASSIVE Warriors Update… NBA Insider Updates on Klay | Lester Quinones Released… Warriors News

  1. KT11 is a very good player
    without the help of klay I think Warriors cannot compete for the last many championship in the play off series it's a big mistake if klay trade to other teams
    It will result like Jrue Holiday trading to Boston
    Other teams give big value to that

  2. DLow would not be an option. That dude is too up and down. I hope they would not trade for him. I like PG with the Warriors. This team would be a legit contender for the chip.

  3. It’s really hard to believe that GS hasn’t even offered Klay a contract extension after helping the organization win 4 chips. I hope GS higher up would not disrespect Klay in such a way. That would be total unexceptionable!

  4. I don't think the Warriors should bring Klay back, he's a liability on defense and shooting in the low 40%, and he takes away shots from Kuminga whom shoots in the 50% range and plays solid D.

    Kerr should move Wiggins to G and Kuminga to SF.

  5. I think the dream scenario would be:
    Cp3+wiggins, plus have to throw maybe moody and 1 other, plus 2026+2028 first round picks for PG.
    And then convince Klay to take a major paycut on the contract, so the warriors could pay PG 😂

    Very unlikely that all that would happen though.

  6. I understand the warriors picking up someone like PG, Lauri but I think a underrated move would be to go and get Zack Lavine I did a fanspo mock trade and if you include CP3, wiggins and looney + picks in the deal for Zack and Vucevic we save 1.2 million and we get a prime Zack Lavine who can be our second option who is an elite athlete plus another versatile stretch scorer in Vucevic imagine our lineup with Steph, Zack, kuminga, dray, and TJD or even Steph, Zack, kuminga, Vucevic and draymond having to elite athletes in JK and Zack would terrify the paint but then also being able to stretch the floor from at least four positions would put denfenses In unforgiving spot as well plus I think think it’s doable for both sides as Chicago you gain to assets so a soft rebuild or they can trade them somewhere else along with some picks then can use to build there future I don’t think they’d think to hard about it especially since they wanna move on from Zack anyway

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