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MA v. Karen Read: Most Compelling Evidence Recap

#CourtTV examines some of the most compelling evidence in the Killer or Cover-up Murder Trial against Karen Read and also previews what’s to come in the defense’s case.

00:00 Karen Read: Compelling Evidence
00:27 The Broken Tail Light
01:34 John O’Keefe’s Hair
06:28 Eyewitness Testimony
17:31 Failing Relationship
19:57 “I Hit Him!”
27:36 Key Evidence for the Defense
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49 thoughts on “MA v. Karen Read: Most Compelling Evidence Recap

  1. The testimony of the people there was so obviously planned… how many saw the SUV change places and move toward the flagpole? How many? And nobody saw him get hit? And the dog bites/scratches. I have experience with this and it is absolutely conclusive. That German Shepherd attacked his arm. Did somebody beat him because he was beating the dog? Was there a fight and the dog jumped in? (more likely). The dog survived, but was later given away, after 6-7 years. WHAT? What about their attempt to flip the SUV on the video at the cop shop? Why, unless they were hiding the tail light and didn't want people to ask how it looked so good then? And Karen clearly hit hit SUV when returning to the location? My god… look at that video… is that the entirety of the damage before the lead investigator got his hands on it and made it worse?

  2. I’m still stuck at how a dead body is found on someone’s lawn of the house they were heading too and the house is NEVER searched. And the victim knows the people inside , like I still can’t get over that

  3. The dog did not attack people. She was in a dog fight and when the woman tried to break it up, she got bitten. The whole dog attack thing is ridiculous

  4. That tail light story is a big joke. Anyone with a gram of intelligence and common sense , just by looking at the pattern of those arm wounds would understand that they are not caused by some pieces of plastic….they were arranged in a repeated pattern ( per experts) meaning they happened more than once . If a tail light would have struck the arm , only one single pattern would have been seen. Also his shirt would have been ripped, which it wasn't , the expert said there were puncture holes rather. Anyone who sees those wounds can clearly see the dog teeth and claws… it doesn't take a genius to see that !! Science tells the truth, and nothing but the truth.

  5. From Australia Ted Rolland’s way to biast. She’s guilty of manslaughter. Just My opinion from Australia
    The troopers messages are awful but unfortunately he’s just a man

  6. She's guilty but the prosecuter did the worst job ever. The defense was a tiger because he was trying to earn his million dollar fee (she's rich) Defense did everything to muddy this up to look like a cover up, but his hair and dna on the broken tail light did it for me. I hope "duck lips" go's to prison.

  7. Trooper Paul was a joke. Poor guy was put in the position of trying to prove something impossible, with his "expertise" of a couple classes? Ridiculous. There are so many things wrong with the investigation that there's an abundance of reasonable doubt.

  8. So the hair was next to the taillight not in the actual glass so through the night towed the hair just stayed on the side I thought it was in the taillight but that too wierd.

  9. Poor quality journalist presentations; presenters should have been more circumspect in their remarks; appear not even aware of important points. There was never an intimation Officer John O'Keefe died from a dog attack
    –. This case has the taint of the Salem Witch Trials…

  10. This case was very easy for the defendant and the whole defence team due to the prosecution evidence collection times of each item on the crime scene showing up AFTER possession of those items where in police custody 😂. We have his clothes. Now let’s find a shoe at the original scene. We have her SUV. Now let’s find some pieces of the tail light at the scene. Let’s change the times on our reports so it LOOKS like we find the pieces before we impound the SUV. Oooops. They found out the real time we picked up the SUV 😂 with multiple cameras. This TEAM of investigators couldn’t find the right time of day if they were wearing a watch. And the lead investigator said he DID NOT know the Alberts, then they knew them but not friends , then finally confessed to not only being good friends with them but also trusting the Alberts to care for their children.
    The moment this happened the LEAD inspector had FULL intention to separate the Alberts from this case and then begin to BUILD a case solely against Karen Read.

  11. It's not up to the attorneys, it's up to Karen! I wish she left when he told her to, he would still be alive! She's not entirely innocent & the public should butt out they're not qualified to speak out! A BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING HAS BEEN MURDERED!!!!

    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts should be totally ashamed !
    Shame on all of you that Would drag this innocent woman into court. clearly, John O'Keefe was murdered in that house,with the bites from Chloe Albert’s dog on his right arm! 2 1/2 inch gash on the back of his head. There's someone who knows what happens inside the house, hopefully the FBI Will intervene, someone attempting to save their own skin!
    In the meantime, Karen Read's Reputation gets dragged through the mud 😱

  13. Hey Court TV, I’ve been meaning to let you know that while at the Chad Daybell trial, Kelly displayed unprofessional and entitled behaviors on multiple occasions.

    I personally witnessed Kelly Krapf lie to a bailiff about having a seat reservation. At the eleventh hour, Kelly strode past the entire standby line, and right up to where the bailiff was that was keeping us back til all the people lined up in the reservation line had gone down to get their tickets and enter the courtroom. I was the first person in the standby line and the bailiff was only a few feet in front of me. Kelly walked right up to him, in hurry, with her phone out to give the appearance that she had her seat reservation pulled up on her email. She then said something to him that implied she had a reservation and he pointed down the hallway to her to proceed to outside the courtroom where the court admin had a table set up to check people in and give them their tickets. Kelly then proceeded to cut the line of others that had been waiting for up to 4 hours in the standby line.

    Directly after that, the bailiff began letting standby people go down the hallway starting with me. When I got to the end of the hallway where the check in was, Kelly was just reaching the front of the line, with me now directly behind her.

    When Kelly, got to the court admin and was asked for her reservation number, Kelly leaned in and whispered something to her. The court Admin then looked confused and asked her to step to the side while she finished checking in people that had reservations first.

    After Kelly stepped to the side, the admin moved onto me. I had been the first non reservation person in line so I let her know that all the people with reservations had come down now and the bailiff had sent me down to her table to get a ticket and then proceed to the courtroom. The admin then did a sort of, “oh, ok, and then also gave Kelly a ticket and she sashayed into the courtroom.

    Kelly had walked in at the last minute, lied to or at the very least purposely misled the bailiff that was holding back those of us without seat reservation. She did this because was either too entitled or too lazy, probably both, to actually arrive at a time that would have allowed her to honestly get a place in the line. She cut in front of over a dozen people that had been waiting in line for up to 4 hours.

    I was able to attend that trial around 90% of the days, and this was NOT an isolated incident. Be better, Kelly.

    I find it ironic that Kelly is on this show talking about how other people are unprofessional at their jobs.

  14. I mean think about it they didn't get a warrant to search the house collect any evidence from the house. He didn't even come out of the house when the fire trucks and everything or in his own front yard he didn't want to get in the middle of it is that what he said? Seriously how does that make any sense. That investigation was so botched have you never really seen it done worse

  15. I think the statements Karen Reed made are the typical statements of a hysterical woman. Who obviously was partially intoxicated she thinks she has a broken tail light she's probably thinking is there a chance I could have hit him did I do this? Did anyone even check to see if possibly she backed into a light post or Pole right there in front of the house? Or did they watch that like they did with collecting forensic evidence from the house or a warrant for that matter to even get into it

  16. I don't understand how are the same police officers that are investigating this crime allowed to when their friends with the victim and the defendants isn't that a conflict of interest?

  17. Does she really think we are that stupid? Whether you re-homed your dog is still getting rid of your dog she still left your home your dog it's still getting rid of your dog she still left your home residence

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