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MA v Karen Read: Michael Proctor’s Testimony | Officer John O’Keefe

How many times did #MichaelProctor go to the crime scene? Court TV discusses the life and death of Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe.

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26 thoughts on “MA v Karen Read: Michael Proctor’s Testimony | Officer John O’Keefe

  1. On another note, impact from a car at a speed fast enough to kill you should result in damage in the mid-section or upper body at least right, broken hip or pelvis or broken ribs or broken something as a 6000 pound car backs up over you, tyre tracks on your clothing and blood on the tyres etc. right?!? ME says death is inconclusive and no broken bones whatsoever, other Trooper called it a 'rookie-move' when he didnt pay the ME a personal visit (to pursuade him/her otherwise), says alot about this case and the way they operate!!!

  2. How dare you include Jennifer McCabe talking about John O'Keefe and how she loved him, completely disgusting! She has blood on her hands as if she committed the attack and then murder.

  3. If I was the defense I would check the tail light lens if she hit him with the SUV the lens would have been broken inward an if the lens pieces are broken outward then the cop did it in the garage.. case over

  4. Proctor made mistakes by making the comments he made, but that doesn't mean that he planted evidence. I have cousins in Florida and New York who are a sheriff and police officer. That's the way they talk to each other. So for those attorneys to try to make him a bad guy when if you look at the evidence so far, you come to the conclusion that the smug witch did it..
    She and Yannetti were making facial expressions that I'm sure that the jurors saw it

  5. I wish everybody would be able to have lawyers like Karen's. It is a delight to watch and listen to them in the courtroom. This level of preparation and skill is rare.

  6. Cut the guy some slack. He’s not on trial here Karen is she’s the one that backed into John but they’re making it seem like Michael’s the guilty one because he said some nasty things about her. Let’s not forget who ranover who.

  7. Hold on are there no tenta available to secure the area? I mean they sell some at Costco I bet they can hace a better more professional ones.

  8. 6/12/24 Lies legit, you must Aquit! KR, not guilty, too much reasonable doubt
    Taillight pieces too big for them to be overlooked by investigators! Joe & Kevin can stop appearing Now.

  9. You know that's the thing with jurors….. They're human. So it you never know what their individual mindsets are. If they come into it subconsciously being on the prosecution side. Or consciously. You don't know if they are biased, etc. And yeah they are asked questions in the beginning regarding those things, but as the trial goes on you don't know how they will end up looking at it. And A LOT of jurors are partial towards the prosecution. It happens often. So I just hope whether she's innocent r guilty, that they do what's right and don't let influences affect their reason and common sense. And if she's truly innocent, (which technically only she really knows) I just hope that if she is and the evidence really points to that, that they don't put a woman behind bars for life with too much doubt surrounding it. Which there is too much doubt already.. But all I know is those jurors really do have their work cut out for them! That's for sure….. its a tough one… trying to figure out if she really is innocent and being framed, or if the defense is just really trying to make it look that way. I'm still on the fence. But leaning towards her innocence. But if she did do this then obviously the investigators got it right and didn't frame her. Idk…its such a mind bender!! In her own words, she did say 'could I of hit him'? But then again, cops do love to help and cover up for other officers…..its despicably what they do….

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