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MA v Karen Read Day 23 Recap | Killer or Cover-up Murder Trial

Was the investigation into the death of Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe fair and impartial? Testimony on Day 23 of the #KillerOrCoverUpMurderTrial was heated as the defense questioned Trooper Proctor about his crude text messages of #KarenRead.

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38 thoughts on “MA v Karen Read Day 23 Recap | Killer or Cover-up Murder Trial

  1. This is the very DEFINITION of malicious prosecution. Even if the prosecution is 100% correct, the mere fact this investigator was involved calls every piece of evidence into question.

  2. Let's baby
    Proctor judge she says do u understand question he's a darn cop let the game begin shame on you proctor he must have womanizing problem he's up for grabs what woman would want him his volgar language appalling say what u mean mean what u say nutjob

  3. Comparing previous comment with KR parents behavior :WOW what a stark difference. Yes I know a lot of nonsense testimony…lie cheat steal, doc videos,butt dial then thrown phone overboard etc./Lally!!! Soo bad. What a tragic loss of life and Morals full ⭕️

  4. Ill just say JO moms behavior is disrespectful,disturbing and disgusting. I personally felt great empathy for her after hearing the tragic stories she and her family had been through. Until …She continues to laugh at inappropriate times almost like she is finding enjoyment then found her on social with inappropriate hand gesture pic etc. 🤷‍♀️Her behavior in court 😂🤪😋😂🤪😁😳😁😋😋😂🙃🙃😅🤣you get it ‘Really Bizarre.

  5. The timeline works perfectly. If Proctor didn't directly plant it he gave it to Tully or someone else walking the grounds that morning and they planted it while "searching". This is so stupid. But nothing is more stupid than brain-dead Kevin Lenihan. Think about it: Kevin Lenihan keeps quoting Kerry Roberts as a source – he might as well be citing Brian Albert as a source. Why does anyone take Kevin Lenihan seriously? Get him off your show.

  6. No MA State Troopoer "accidentally" mis-transcribes "4:16" to "5:30". Yeah right. Proctor is a liar and aiding murderers, as is brain-dead Kevin Lenihan. Please stop having him on your show. He's intentionally helping murderers coverup their murder and intentionally helping to frame an innocent woman.

  7. Isn't it ironic that a man named proctor knows all the slurs you can think of for a hole. Balloon knot,ass leader etc. He was probably called all those things his whole life mocking his name. He lied to the grand jury. Isn't that enough to charge him with perjury? He should have to do the time he and the whole cabal of cops are trying to get this woman to be sentenced to. Life.

  8. People act like its a surprise that trooper Proctor acts like that and conducts himself in this manner. What they fail to understand is this is typjcal cop behavior. Egotistical oath breaking im above, I am the law trash.

  9. I don't trust any Testimony, Reports or Evidence that Comes from Massachusetts State Police & Norfolk District Attorneys Office the Karen Read case is not the 1st case we're there was Blatant Corruption & incompetence by the Top Management of these entities. There are serious Corruption issues.

  10. Why were they waiting for john to get to the house. I wouldn't CARE if he came over or not. The wanted him there to beat and kill him. Colin and Ally ugly people.

  11. About the(hos long ti die in cold) everybody knows your phone saves All searches and times. Each search is time stamped. She searched at 2:27am and 6:30am jen knew before Karen called her he was in that yard dying.

  12. Why Colin has a lame excuse about falling Fist down on ice. No one breaks a fall with their fist. On the other hand, he also said he bruised his knuckles on a gym punching bag, that has not happened to another person. Colin best him in the back of the head how did he (John)get the cut on his scalp

  13. As a fellow police officer, why No one came out of that house to check what was going on.on their front lawn he was a fellow officer and they knew he was there.

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