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MA v. Karen Read Case: Follow the Forensics | COURT TV

Karen Read claims she’s innocent of killing her Boston police officer boyfriend John O’Keefe and leaving him to die in the snow. The Defense says this is a cover-up. The Prosecution says she’s a murderer.

#CourtTV is breaking down the forensics in the case against #KarenRead.

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29 thoughts on “MA v. Karen Read Case: Follow the Forensics | COURT TV

  1. Chances are if there was a fight the dog would have gone into protective mode and gone after him. I have questions about the dog, its training, where it came from, etc. I believe Colin and John got into a fight, one of the other guys there probably threw a few punches and the dog became aggressive. They are absolutely protecting their own. Karen didn’t hit him.
    If for any reason there was a piece of glass on the bumper could it have become embedded when she backed into the car in the driveway… could he have broken the glass when he tried to set it down, thus leaving a small piece there? There’s still a lot to come out in the trial.

  2. The arm scratches don’t make sense. If he was holding a glass and got hit by a car, the glass would go flying out of his hand – it would shatter and cause deep cuts in his arm through a sweatshirt.

  3. Just FYI, I was mauled by a doberman pinser when I was 14 years old and the injuries on his arm look EXACTLY like the injuries I had on my arms and lower legs. It's exactly what dog bites look like when the dog is biting you and you are trying to pull away.

  4. It looks to me like he was still alive after being hit by the car and tried to crawl to the house which is why he was on the lawn instead of the road. I also think the snow plow driver had his eyes on the road do he didn't see John in the yard. The defense just had to create doubt but they aren't creating doubt for me by creating these preposterous scenarios. I DOUBT if he was killed in the house the guilty parties would just plant him at the corner of the yard as if that wouldn't look suspicious. I think Karen Read hit him while blac out drunk, he tried to crawl to the house, passed out from his head injury and died of hypothermia. That a black out drunk woman can't remember what she did and is trying to blame innocent people instead is apalling. She doesn't know what she did but she does know the people inside the house killed him. Makes no sense at all.

  5. He could have been hit in the head and fell backward into the ground in front of the house. It is not impossible. The conspiracy theory needs to stop. She was drunk too. The trial will bring out everything and hopefully the truth. Weeks leading up to this, he wanted to break up with Karen. This is not a popularity trial, it is a either a murder or accidental killing.

  6. So how did the victim's DNA get on the broken pieces of taillight and how did the chards of plastic get into the victim's body, as reported by the Commonwealth in their latest motions?

  7. In this case I’d definitely believe the “disgruntled” wife. Way too much suspicious behaviour by the cops. I really feel the cops tried to plant evidence to frame Karen Read, but didn’t do a great job.

  8. The lacerations look like they were fresh and had just begun to heel when the picture was taken. They also look like deep scratches from an animal or foul play. The glass that was collected must be matched to the same item it came from, or at least be compared to a very similar item, in order for it to be used as evidence in the case. And if investigators claim that the pieces of glass were from the cocktail glass John was seen holding, investigators should have been able to find the remainders of that glass. But there's a good chance that the pieces of glass were planted there after he was assaulted inside the house before being left outside. Somehow the glass broke inside the house and one of the actual suspects took pieces and place them near John's body.

  9. Regardless of what happens during this trial, i believe the truth will be revealed down the road when one of these bystanders decide they cant live with themselves anymore while hiding this secret. No way she did this.

  10. so when people get neuro link does that mean people that dont are guilty cas this is where it;s heading used to be body cams no brain cams also brain cams will and can be malnipulated it's artifical inteligence so its false lies just keep going on and on………….

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