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LIVE WATCH! Commonwealth v. Karen Read – VERDICT WATCH

It’s been several days since the jury received the case, and this morning they notified the court that they are deadlocked. Judge Bev has ruled that they have not yet engaged in “due and thorough deliberations” and sent them back to continue. Court is expected back at 3:30 p.m. EST today. We’ll be talking about what all of this means, what happens if the jury continues to be unable to reach a decision, and what sort of restrictions exist to limit what the judge can do under these circumstances.

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45 thoughts on “LIVE WATCH! Commonwealth v. Karen Read – VERDICT WATCH

  1. How come the judge doesn’t hesitate to allow any witnesses to read their statements/ testimony as many times as needed but the jury cannot re read any testimony. Talk about bias, WTH?

  2. 1:04:05 This is a lot of people are calling "the nod." This isn't just a nod. WATCH HIS EYES!! I'm sorry but there is some sort of connection there. Whether the connection is the jury staring at him and he can't look away or a real connection there IS A CONNECTION!! When I watched this is real time this hit my gut like a ton of bricks. Something is happening is that look and YES… the nod.

  3. It really looked like OK’s brother did a little eye contact nod when the jury was sent home for weekend? Not sure if he is directly looking at someone – but it looked like it! but Mayb he’s just nodding to agree with what Judge Bev said? Def looked like he did a little nod.

  4. I don’t think they’ll retry her. I’m not positive but the embarrassment that the police department has to go through the embarrassment of the investigation altogether. Why would they wanna do that again?

  5. I can’t wait to see how many flat earthers are on the jury. Surely it’s not more than one…science is real. Math maths. Can’t argue that, so please don’t tell me it’s more than 1 in 12 amongst us! 😱 These people walk amongst us! Everyday I consider this as I walk along…every 12th person I pass in the aisles at the supermarket are likely dumber than a gnat. 😱 Damn scary.

    Further this case has opened my eyes. If in this case there may be a hung jury, there are lots of people sitting in jail for something they haven’t done. Further, the state that charges a case where they don’t get a conviction , they should need to make the person whole. That would stop these questionable cases going to trial quick.

  6. This Judge is a handful from reading the comments. The people in the comments are disgusted with side bars and objections. Also their is so much reasonable doubt because of the prosecutions witnesses. They can't remember what they said in the grand jury. They have a hard time answering simple questions. This court case is a joke. How can you not find out how this police officer died.

  7. People continuing to infer/allege a “frame job” and “conspiracy” are therefore in effect accusing the FBI and a Federal Grand Jury of being incompetent or corrupt! After having investigated the alleged “frame job” and “conspiracy” and found no evidence of such. End of! What part of that do some people not understand…seriously are they normal!

  8. Hey Andrea! Love your videos! Why do you think the commonwealth didn’t show Karen’s interview with Nightline? Defendant’s own statements to a news org about what happened would have been admissible, correct? That interview makes her come off as very unlikeable and very guilty IMO so I was shocked the prosecution didn’t use it

  9. Right now 11 jurors are trying to teach physics to 1 juror. On Friday afternoon they emerged looking exasperated and like they had a very long day and one emerged smiling. That smiling man is the foreman picked by Bev. I just pray that this man is not so stubborn that he is not willing to look at the facts. Other commenters have said they have been on a jury with the person like this. They said it was extremely time-consuming to comb through every single piece of evidence in order to get this person to actually look at the evidence and get past their quote-unquote gut feeling that the guy was guilty. After exhaustive efforts, that one stubborn person finally conceded that maybe their gut was wrong and the evidence pointed to not guilty and they came to a consensus. I pray that the same is for Karen because she deserves her not guilty

  10. To heck with listening to juror interviews after I want a real time reaction of the fed experts watching / reacting to scoober Paul on stand! Or Like a crash daddy vs scoober Paul debate!😂

  11. If no read back for jurors shouldn’t they be told that before trial begins like TAKE LOTS OF NOTES B/c u won’t get to hear again if I forgot 5 weeks ago???? They can’t show a hold out a testimony that might clarify a confusion ?????

  12. The people involved in this murder should be scared because if they get away with it, it will get worse, loose ends and all. This is very serious and since they did this to a friend and fellow cop, they wouldn't stop at — well, probably anything.

  13. Q- if there’s a retrial wouldn’t it benefit the defense because of the FBI Investigation revealing more incriminating evidence? Or even the real killer?

  14. I find those additional instructions very good! They should give them at the beginning to clarify expectations for a jury. Because they don't know they can get additional instructions

  15. Andrea: Thank you so much for your commitment to this case and your insightful analysis. I've learned so much from you! On another note, I've discovered a new YouTube channel–Truth Revealed. He's a former intelligence officer/interrogator and he's analyzing the testimony of both Higgins and Jen McCabe. He's new to the case, but his insights and analysis are both fascinating.

  16. Andrea – I want to sit beside you on pop quiz day! You do your homework vs generalizing. I learned the actual MA rule re if & when a Touhy is issued. This is why you (& Jeff) are must watch 🖥

  17. Also with Higgins testifying bout plowing driveway despite no sno at time and saying parked at mailbox and forgot plow was down – was wondering if he bought new plow afterward – perhaps to get rid of blood evidence — and gave that story so had explanation how he damaged plow that night —

    Don’t know that jok got into house – jok was out of car when navel drove by – where was plow if not where Higgins said it was? Nagel said not at mailbox… a scuffle and John hits head on plow and / if falls between plow and jeep would have had chance for arm abrasions – lots of metal / sharp parts – Higgins runs into house to get BA ( they were not looking at photos) everyone leaves right after – only McCabe and Albert’s helped – Jen to find phone etc

    Head to canton PD for alibi – BA puts car on lawn / takes off shoe – plan to sat he was drunk and must have been hit by plow or car – only blamed Karen when she showed up frantic

    McCabe too calm on 911 call –

  18. Higgins – need to see photo again of injury to back of John head – seemed like deep gash

    As far as his testimony – testified drives back from NYC late morning with Brian Albert/ Kevin Albert and another officer – (note: one of the drops at Canton PD -but decided not to move cars to middle of lot at that time because tired and hungry)

    BH testified met BA for dinner at hillside (had 3-4 whiskey)
    Didn’t know time but “dark”
    Testified after initially not joining BA at waterfall decided to to as had been “long day”

    Arrives waterfall dark “approx 9pm”
    1-2 more drinks

    John and Karen arrive approx 11:00pm.

    Testified John greeted him/ no contact w/Karen
    Yet, While at waterfall he texts Karen Read “ummm well”

    Karen does not respond to text

    Brian Higgins testified he left waterfall at 12:00am without saying goodbye to anyone…video shows him being held back by Chris Albert

    Even at waterfall doesn’t speak to JoK or KR about what they were doing but then texts JOK at 12:20pm “where are you???? “ from 34 Fairview.

    Testified arrived first at residence and knew he would be leaving early since BA had no whiskey.

    Note: In previous testimony says may have seen dark haired male enter house – tries to say could have been nagel brother (but nagel never entered house.) Nagel testified he arrived 12:15 but did not get out of truck If not JOK why lie bout seeing nagel brother? Was he not in house but wanted to appear to be but messed up fact?

    Higgins then Testified he left 12:30-100am (after messing with plow as leaving (ie was down when he started driving so had to pull off ground).

    Show up canton PD 1:27 am (even though we heard only few mins away. )

    Testified Moved some cars and was home 1:30-200am

    Says fe asleep …
    Denies receiving BA call at 2;22 (answered 1 second)
    Denies calling BA back 2:22 (27 seconds)

    If BH arrived approx 12:10 – realizes going to leave early (no whiskey) yet while looking at photos alone with BA – and having decided not to stay he decides to text jok at 12:20 “where are you????”

    Yet testifies he leaves few mins later 12:30-1;00 despite being few min drive which says could have taken him 10 mins due to roads – he was not captured at canton PD til 1:27.

    Testified he got home 1:30 – 2:00am (seems would have to be closer to 2:00 given didn’t arrive PD per his access card at 1:27am)

    But already asleep and never heard BA call (which revords showed was answered 1 second and denied he made the 2:22 response call (27 sec)

    Then spends almost entire next day at canton PD and keys into sally port when KR car arrives.

  19. That being said – think they thought slam dunk case was won and let’s go all in — not knowing the three woman that they thought were pro Karen woukd be kicked off

  20. Also wish he didn’t go so hard on trying to say what happened and instead just say shady things bout Colin. Albert and Higgins and why we don’t know what happened but woukd have if they had investigated

    Then say what we do know bass on me / experts / and cw timeline is it wasn’t kr

  21. Wish AJ woukd have dealt with I hit him during closing…..

    Put name of each person that reported hearing her say – and how they were impeached

    X officer said he heard but in his report on that day did not included

    X officer said he heard but has testified twice before and never mentioned

    Ems said he heard when Karen was talking to x but video shows he was in ambulance that time

    Then name all officers that weee there but never heard …

  22. I believe people with non relevant and respect evidence facts logic will believe she is guilty! She Killed! Don't understand what is wrong with this world. Bad cop conduct is only distraction But She did it! Solid. So much so I guess there are huge intimidation involved. There is a video The Karen supporters gathered to celebrate Lucky was a Hero" with applause after his testimony. Imagine what would happen to Lucky if he said something not pleasing.Those wearing green or pink are feeling insane and scary for sure They are bad guys to me. I hope jury can open eyes wider and vote "guilty". Justice for John who met the wrong woman. Comment from Canada. Try again

  23. Surely a hung jury is the epitome of reasonable doubt !!!
    Anything from 7-5 down to 11-1 means there is a doubt therefore the benefit of the doubt must be given to the defense.

  24. Well the majority are! They remembered.. & wouldn’t the first question by foreperson be.. Who believes KR hit John okeefe??? Re recon drs? KR was nowhere near 34 Fairview when JO was hit! She was at home at 12.36, Then as foreperson, start proving the lies of witnesses. JM said she saw KR at 12.30,12.45, 12.50! All proven lies.. SOMEONE need to explain reasonable doubt. There’s an Everest amount of it .. that’s NG right there, even if only one instance of it 🤷‍♀️

  25. It seems the guilty parties will escape punishment. KR is entirely innocent. I can easily believe the young man who has a tendency to fall on his knuckles will commit a very serious crime in the future as he believes he is immune to consequences. Injustice has degrading effects on any community.

  26. KR was reached out to by JOK to rekindle an old relationship. I am sure, at least at some level, he thought she could have be useful to help with the children. She did. Her kindness has been poorly rewarded. I consider KR factually innocent and, as regards reasonable doubt – other cases could reach in and seize piles of it from this case, as there is a mountain of reasonable doubt here.

  27. Given the doubts regarding bias of the judge, one would have thought a reasonable person (which a judge should be) would have striven to show even-handedness – I am thinking of the verdict form.

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