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LIVE TRIAL | MA. v Karen Read Trial – Judge Declares A MISTRIAL

Verdict Watch Day 5:

0:00 Welcome
1:40 The Jury is at an Impasse
6:20 Judge Declares a Mistrial
8:45 Status Hearing Set – July 22, 2024 @ 2pmET
17:50 Watching the Mistrial Again
25:51 Defense Press Conference
30:22 Summary
34:00 Q&A

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42 thoughts on “LIVE TRIAL | MA. v Karen Read Trial – Judge Declares A MISTRIAL

  1. I wonder if the jurors who wanted to vote guity just didn't believe the defense theory. I don't think that theory was proven either. They didn't have to, but I don't know if that was made sufficiently clear. I don't think anyone proved what happened in this case, hence not guilty beyond reasonable doubt imo

  2. It's frightening. The Prosecution call a ton of witnesses causing the trial to run forever. An ordinary person simply could not mount a proper defence against this. I can see why innocent people take a plea deal. I'd stand no chance in Read's situation, I ain't rich

  3. I don’t think this trial answered the question of who murdered OJO either but we know the truth and people will start talking (like they should have originally) and the truth will come out! The house has all the secrets!!!

  4. Lally did a good job in muddying the waters with bull crap having nothing to do with OJo’s death! All the jury needed is the incredible witnesses the defense put on the stand. It’s a shame and a sham.
    Justice Will Prevail!

  5. Yeah, but she's still not pronounced Not guilty. Maybe after the FBI investigation etc they'll have more proof. Until they can mention the FBI investigation and how the defence witnesses became involved, they'll still just be random people no one called.

  6. Question, so if the federal report comes back with a different story than the prosecution is running prior to the retrial, do you think the state will still pursue their retrial?

  7. This case shows how important it is for everyone involved in an investigation to be competent and do their jobs properly. Bad investigation leads to bad evidence leads to a terrible trial.

  8. A willfully compromised and tainted investigation leads to a retrial. The evidence is still the same Lally, and the FBI is watching. You'll still have the Proctor and Jen McCabe and good ol' Trooper Paul as key witnesses Lally, good luck with that.

  9. How could AJ have explained the jury instructions? He argued that they didn't make sense after the fact, unfortunately not before the jury saw them … the misleading jury instructions were 100% on the Judge.

  10. If you go back to the instructions argument the judge says that she might not have a copy for the attorneys before they did their closings? Probs why they didn't explain them?

  11. John went in the house, there was a fight, Chloe also attacked him, they beat him, he fell with his head on the gym tool in basement what in fact caused the death ..the rest is history. And of course they HAD to put him outside..bc Karen was their "alibi" and if they had not put him outside chances would have been high that the house would have been searched. This case is as clear as day

  12. I'm going back through all the videos I can find to see wth Paul said to Karen on the way out. I'd like to know who the gal is on the 2nd row with family too that keep making faces at KR!

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