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LIVE! Real Lawyer Reacts: Read Trial Day 18 Part 2: Was Karen Read Driving Drunk?

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26 thoughts on “LIVE! Real Lawyer Reacts: Read Trial Day 18 Part 2: Was Karen Read Driving Drunk?

  1. How do they know if Karen got to John's at 12:36 a.m. and have a drink or two then? That would make her levels higher the next morning when tested.

  2. If she had 9 drinks at the bar before in 2hrs I think it’s pretty safe to say she was drunk.
    Had a little old lady 532BAL in the ER. Completely and totally functional. She had just went been driving to the store and cut herself cooking making dinner —It was CRAZY

  3. can see why she said that he’s hard to follow because he sounds like one of those auction people that Talk really fast And that poor lady has to type all that. I noticed everybody’s talking that after a while did you speed it up?

  4. So I get it if you take somebody who drank three 12 ounce beer cans they Would have consumed 36 ounces or 12•3 =36. And you multiply it by 4.7 for a woman = 169.2. Then divide that by Bodyweight Will say 130 pounds= 1.30 BCA which is way above 0.8. On the other hand, if you want to divide it by a man’s Wait, you would use 3.75 instead of 4.7. Then from there the blood alcohol content decreases in the blood stream about every 90 minutes or hour and a half about 0.2% or 0.3%. So anything above an 0.4 is considered impaired anyway, anything above an 0.8 is considered highly illegally impaired.

  5. When I was in Europe drinking their fantastic wine I think I got very very intoxicated several times because I passed out several times. But we had a bus driver and we walked everywhere.

  6. If i saw this "expert" with the microphone in his mouth i would not trust him. Something is off with him if hes a medical person and has the microphone in his mouth.

  7. I dont trust their reports of alcohol level. She could have made a drink at home. So how do you call thsts that, wiping hands. You CANNOT take a level without knowing exactly if she did or not. Nobody asked if they knew, so how would they know. Remember she was driving that night for john! Drank 2 drinks with soda 1st bar. And prob 1 bcuz they had to leave at 12. Off. Okeefe brought his to go. Then it took a 60 trip on karens bumper, Maureen admitted it. I dont think she was thinking in court 😅. Her cross was like, really?? 60 miles. Yup! Ahu aha. As if she didn't put her brain on that day. Pls call miscarriage of justice and close it down. Someone is goingbto have to do something about the b.s. that no one believes.

  8. Here’s a question. Do they not have dramshop laws in Massachusetts? Because here in Texas, or New Mexico or California where I used to live, as the bartender would also be on right now. Seven drinks?

  9. The thing with the glass is..what glass is it..Karen brought one in with her under her jacket from the bar before going to the Waterfall..I didnt see that, but read it in the chat, she gets a different glass we see that at the bar at the Waterfall..or did the glass come from the Fairview house that was beside John, for sure he didnt walk in his state carrying that glass and I really doubt with Chrons she would drink to these numbers..

  10. Its seems to me that if they want her checked but didnt bother to check anyone else, like snow jeep plower higgins and other bosom buddies that they are clearly playing favorites. Let her go. Corruption at its finest. And i am a cop supporter, but NOT here! Its so clearly a case of protecting their own. No wonder Boston pilice have a bad rap!

  11. Didn't test the other drunk cops driving, didn't investigate the actual scene of the crime IN the house .. shady is the best way I can describe the "good Ole's boy's " protect your own attitude vibes I get from this whole trial at best

  12. I’m in Claims and clip videos, if it’s for someone else I usually don’t look at the video . Also sometimes the video cameras don’t work, or there’s not good view.

  13. If the CW is saying her last drink was 12:45 plus or minus 15 min then just how drunk had she to be at that time for the test after 9 AM come back has high as it did yet no one who was with her at the bar that night and less than 30 min earlier thought she was drunk, let alone smashed face drunk, nor did the video she behaving to that degree of drunkenness. And why would the cop boyfriend let her drive like that or even drink while driving

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