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LIVE! Real Lawyer Reacts: Karen Read Trial Day 14: New Details Revealed by Prosecution Witnesses

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36 thoughts on “LIVE! Real Lawyer Reacts: Karen Read Trial Day 14: New Details Revealed by Prosecution Witnesses

  1. If i were a juror, I'd think McCabe was extremely cocky. I wouldn't blame the lawyer for his response, even if he had asked a bad question. McCabe's shmuckery on the stand screams entitlement and demonstrates that some (not all) cops have a superiority complex. It lends credibility to the possibility of a conspiracy between a few cops who think they shouldn't be subject to the same laws the rest of us are.

  2. Yannetti was absolutely trying to make Matt McCabe look racist. No question about that! it was done on purpose and I think it was a smart move.

    I couldn't help but feel really uncomfortable about him saying it. I also felt really uncomfortable due to having second-hand embarrassment for him, that he had to read that out loud and get grilled on it.

  3. Someone PLEASE help me. I remember during the opening, Karen’s attorney said she backed out of the driveway when she left to look for him and that’s when she hit his car. Am I delusional??

  4. Were John and Karen ever even at the house? Karen thinks she left him at the bar and had to be convinced by Jenn that she was at 34 Fairview????

  5. He just should’ve said “just tell them the TRUTH that the guy didn’t come in the house.”
    It would’ve played out a little differently.

  6. When the witness was testifying that said John was not in the house that’s a fact not a story; the face he made looks purely indignant.

  7. The defense attorney comes off as a douche. Used car salesman vibes. Grasping at straws. Insufferable. It's not a good look when you try to twist so many things. But its obvious they have no defense, so they're desperately clinging on to a conspiracy.
    I hope the jury has common sense cause that seems to be lacking around here.

  8. I watched the first 13 days streamed on EDB's channel and I totally agree – the entire defense case has been about raising questions around Jenn McCabe's reliability, and I feel like you can dodge a lot of that by calling her first. If the jury likes her, maybe they discount the credibility hit. As it stands, I've been primed to view her skeptically, especially with her getting Allie a new phone

  9. A normal group text after something like that would have consisted of everyone asking questions like:
    Did you see anything?
    What could have happened?
    I can't believe he was out there that whole time.
    OMG, what the hell happened?

  10. It doesn't make any sense for her to call Brian to come over while she's getting interviewed if he's just going to sit in the bedroom upstairs. I mean if I was going to call somebody over to be there while the police interview me if I'm nervous or whatever and I want their support you better believe they're going to be right next to me during that interview. Like what good does it do me if I say okay come over but then as soon as he walks in the door i say you have to go upstairs now while I get interviewed. That WOULD NOT give me any feeling of support….

  11. @lawyeryouknow I know i am super late to this channel, but it is GREAT! My biggest Q is why did Jen NOT text, nor call, Karen when she wasn;t getting a response from John?

  12. When John didn't respond, why didn't she try calling or texting Karen as it is always possible the sound is off or his phone died. Jenn mentions that Karen jumped on him and opened his shirt and someone else wiped the snow off his face. So it's hours later and Karen didn't have to dig through the snow to open up his shirt. I don't find Jenn credible in any way and have to wonder how much leading Jenn did during her phone calls and while they were in the car.
    Jenn says Karen asked if she would visit her as the ambulance is taking her to the hospital makes rational sense in that context.

  13. Jenn came off as someone that was pretending to be friendly with Karen but secretly was apathetic, was really annoyed by the situation leading up to the actual emergency part of finding JO. I agree that her testimony should've been either first, second or third, before the police that the prosecution called. This is all so crazy and convoluted and even if KR DID do it, the state has not come anywhere near making their case yet and that's rough on week three with, what, like forty witnesses? My mind's not made up.

  14. I had seen all this in other channels prior to watching this on here; honestly, I can not see how anyone can believe a word Jen says. Jen was proven to be a liar, in my opinion, and absolutely not a credible witness. Honestly, if the jury pays attention to Jen's contradictions they will realize she is a liar…Jen only helps prove they tried to set up Karen. I actually hope the FBI does an investigation on Jen, her husband, and others trying to set up Karen.

    Honestly, I was surprised you bought into her testimony.

  15. I feel it’s very rude that Karen and her lawyers are always whispering and smiling and smirking when the okeefes are sitting right there very disrespectful

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