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LIVE! Karen Read Trial Day 23: Proctor Cross Examination Gets HEATED

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27 thoughts on “LIVE! Karen Read Trial Day 23: Proctor Cross Examination Gets HEATED

  1. I still have no idea what happened to JO. The investigation was shockingly bad and so many 'innocent' people behaving like they are guilty of something. If I were a juror I would not be able to find KR guilty.

  2. I wonder if somebody was found in front of my house like that if I would get the same treatment that the homeowner did because I'm guessing no and at the very least they would ask to enter my house.

  3. This proves that being a psychopath, is the perfect job for cops. They do not care if an innocent person is found guilty, as long as their fellow corrupt cops are protected!

  4. Another prime example of a shameless, self righteous, arrogant, corrupt cop, displaying his coptude to the public. Must be awesome to function above all laws, that the rest of us have to obey!

  5. What I find is odd is a police officer having a normal everyday route through a up scale neighborhood. I have always lived in a medium range neighborhood and I have never seen a police randomly drive by. Only twice in my life have I seen police in my neighborhood for an issue. So I don’t think it was random for what reason is questionable.

  6. Proctor’s text messages really lets us what kind of person he is. For one he likes to poop all over someone’s medical issues whether he knows about them or not (just not nice), two he talks about on going cases to friends (not good for prosecution of case), three he talks nasty about people. To me I don’t think I would want to know him because you don’t know what he will say or do behind your back.

  7. OMG this is so sad because it just another reason for people not to trust or like police. And it’s not supposed to be like that. The police are supposed to be law abiding citizens that we the public can trust. But I guess they are just people that can be pulled by the devil and in this case the devil is power to protect one of their own and thinking that the rest of us are too simple to see the truth. But family is going to protect family. All you have to do is think about your own family and know that Proctor is lying.

  8. What's especially damning to me is that at this point in his investigation they didn't find any taillight pieces yet, so he saw a guy, arm scratched up, double black eyes, back of his head bashed in, and decided: "Oh yeah, his wife definitely clipped him backing up in her car and left him for dead, case closed, don't even have to look at the house at all."

  9. Reading the comments and questions on replay of your videos is so interesting. Especially so after seeing the "future" of what happens in the trial. I remember feeling like the judge must have seen or heard how biased she came across UNTIL this very testimony, and the bias coming back fairly quickly. I believe the judge was just fine with any criticism of MP (of which there was plenty of well founded) but nobody else…🤔

  10. 58:51. Once again, you approach cases unknown to you in a completely an unbiased way.

    One of the most disturbing things I have seen in this case are the number of witnesses that can't (won't) just answer many questions honestly, using "I don't recall" or "Can you show me" (wanting to see what they said previously so they don't get caught lying". Sure, people are not going to recall every little detail but certain things….the truth, don't ever change. For example in the case of MP, Did you know the Alberts, have you ever seen a M where it wasn't ruled a h'cide, stating often times witnesses bring text messages, emails etc., then immediately being impeached with your prior testimony specifically stating in his "entire career" he had never had that happen.
    These are the kind of lies that destroy credibility and very clearly show he is a manipulator. And regardless of the Prosecution attempts now to play down his involvement in the middle of the trial(considering they weren't even going to call him) by changing his title from "Lead Investigator" to "Case Manager". MP was the one who determined KR was guilty… after less than one day, with ZERO evidence besides the "word" of two families with strong ties to LE, and one of them being the owner of the front lawn OJO was found. All before the significant majority of taillight pieces were conviently found many days and even weeks after the searches by CPD (if you can call that a search), and the MSP.
    Of course we also now know about how the supposed expert "Accident Reconstructionist" developed his "theory" of how KR supposedly hit OJO with her vehicle. It was absolutely not logical and only takes common sense and reason to figure that out. In addition to the act that it truly didn't appear as though it was his opinion, especially considering his wavering answers…. I can definitely see MP's hands all over this conclusion. MP should have immediately recused and the MSP should have made absolutely certain whomever led this case had NO TIES to any party involved.

  11. You were on to something for a minute, but you would have to be from Boston to understand. Proctor is not in that group. He did a solid hoping he was in, but the judge who is in that group decided Proctor will fall the guy. They just want the case gone.

  12. She is absolutely going to walk on this. There’s no way they’re going to convict her. Even if they feel she’s guilty, they’re still gonna let her walk. What is wrong with police department? This trial is proving to me that all of the movies and TV shows that the Boston cops are pretty much, it is. Aimless. Just a little boys club up there in Boston PD.

    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts should be totally embarrassed. Shame on all of you that Would drag this innocent woman into court. clearly, John O'Keefe was killed in that house, with the bite marks from Chloe Albert’s dog on his arm! 2 1/2 inch gash on the back of his head. There's someone who knows what happens inside the house, hopefully the FBI Will intervene, someone trying to save their own skin!
    In the meantime, Karen Read's Reputation gets dragged through the mud 😱

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