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LIVE! Karen Read Trial Day 17: NEW DETAILS From Brian Higgins Including Salacious Texts

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38 thoughts on “LIVE! Karen Read Trial Day 17: NEW DETAILS From Brian Higgins Including Salacious Texts

  1. Higgy and Colin are the killers. Jen and Kerry who wasn’t supposed to be there. Jealously about KR and JO relationship was the motive. Colin had bruised knuckles nothing in this case adds up.

  2. I just find it hard to believe, that NOBODY in that rich ass neighborhood, had cameras that could clearly see what happened to JO. Everyone has some form of video security in their homes these days….how is there no ring, home security, dash cams, ECT? Maybe I missed something somewhere….but for him to be laying on the yard, to have died right there, I feel like there definitely should be some kinda surveillance SOMEWHERE that could clearly tell this story.
    Unless there was, and the same cops doing the investigation aka gathering these videos ECT, are the same ones involved/know what really happened to JO

  3. Not guilty. She wouldn’t have gotten up at 5am to go looking for him if she knew she’d hit him with her car and killed him. I think she would’ve waited to hear from someone.

  4. I think it made him feel good to think Karen was interested in him. Probably low self-confidence . He was enthralled with her and all she was most likely doing was flirting.

  5. To be fair she prob loves the kids and is just venting to some guy to get shit off her chest and to get back at the other dude… people say fucked up shit a lot of times they don’t mean it… they went to the party both of them got it a fight and it went to far

  6. They’re charging her with a DUI as well right? Sorry I’m new to following this case, but if they are… they’re also pretty much all admitting to doing that themselves. Typical. Fkin typical.

  7. In listening to the prosecutions witnesses I have become very suspicious of them. The witnesses chose their words very carefully. They change words from I know to I believe etc. It just seems to me they won’t give a straight answer.

  8. There more than appearance of shade on all these people and some where law enforcement. I dont see how they can find this lady guilty with everything I heard so far. These departments should be looking at these cops period in detail . This type of cops are so many Americans hate police when shade like this comes out during court hearings .. people are getting fed up with type of behavior with law enforcement.

  9. So… All these cops, on that night, AT LEAST, drove drunk. The investigators that were in charge of her case are friends with all these cops that were involved that night. Then, they add drunk driving to HER charges?? Wtf? At the very least, this is hypocritical and ignorant. At most, it's all legitimately EVIL.

  10. I can't believe that someone with education could leave the door open to this ridiculous story
    of conspiracy. The lawyers on YouTube who do it, are only doing it to keep the very vocal people who believe in it. ($$) very disappointed.

  11. What's interesting to me is that she tells him John died and even though he was constantly texting her trying to hook up with her after she told him this he did not talk to her at all. He did not respond to her. That's suspicious

  12. Lally is just having a wonderful time assassinating Karen's character and stupidly thinking that people are going to believe she killed John because of these ridiculous text messages… He's just not very bright

  13. I think Brian Higgins beat John O’Keefe because he wanted to be with Karen Read, wether he intended to kill him is unclear. I think they placed the body outside to stage it. I think Karen Read was beyond drunk and blacked out, so we she found out he was dead, she thought/said omg could I have hit him? As she likely had no memory of the end of the night.

  14. I believe if there was a fight and I believe there was a fight that it was between Higgins and John. I believe that drunkard Albert jumped in… Perhaps Colin also and they beat the living tar out of him and then threw him on the lawn… I don't necessarily believe that all the women were there watching her cheering them on but they sure did step up to cover it up

  15. I don't think anything happened in the 7 minute car right over to the alberts… I think when he saw Higgins at the bar that night he mentioned to Karen that he wanted to say something and she said well I'm not staying and dropped him off… I do believe he went in there semi angry at Higgins and said something which caused the deadly fight

  16. FYI: Statement Analysis on KAREN'S words 100% show deception.


  17. How do all these people forget phone calls, make butt dials, delete important stuff. The fact that the taxpayers are paying for this is shocking because this trial is a disaster.

  18. Brohiggs, just pulled a (movie moment) "god damn right I threw that phone away.. "i had every right to do that" 😶movie moments brought to you by: Confiscated Steroids Co.

  19. It’s amazing that these people are able to “butt dial” other witnesses in this case. Their behind selected these witnesses and did it on its own. It’s amazing how many of them keep their phone in their back pocket. It’s also amazing they disposed their phones and erased certain digital data. What a coincidence. It’s a miracle.

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