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LIVE! Karen Read MISTRIAL! What Happens Next?

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00:00 Welcome
00:46 Intro
02:27 Judge Declares a Mistrial
08:33 Status Hearing Set – July 22, 2024 @ 2pmET
15:46 Q&A
31:08 MA Rule Of Criminal Procedure
32:15 Q&A
35:09 Retrial?
37:57 Q&A
41:02 Defense Press Conference
45:49 Q&A
50:47 Conclusion

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41 thoughts on “LIVE! Karen Read MISTRIAL! What Happens Next?

  1. Does the judge have the right to ask the jurors why they voted the way they did? As she is known to be a friend to the police officers and prosecutor , refused to recuse herself and was overtly biased, she could find out things that could help with future prosecution. What can be done to force a change of judge?

  2. But they didn't say not guilty. Until they can mention FBI investigation and how the defense case witnesses came to be involved there always be doubt they're just random people getting involved…
    Also, Dr Russell lost me at 'scratches or bites' she only identified the two punctures as bite marks. Rest were scratches. The dog trainer said otherwise. So it is very subjective. I do believe they could've been caused by animal. Doesn't have to be anything dodgy as Chloe finding John on the ground when she got out of the yard for the pee break and tugging on his arm.

  3. Hi Peter, So now KR has a mistrial- wonder if the jurors found her guilty yesterday-. Then the state puts out 2 statements – 6 mins after the verdict,going forward with this case.- then 5 hrs later-they have another statement Proctor demoted / transferred to desk job till IA investigation is completed.If KR was found guilty yesterday- would this change verdict or would she be sitting in jail till her case starts again ?? — When the FBI finishes investigating,🙏Justice will be served to all involved causing death to a fallen officer . RIP to Officer O’Keefe 🙏 🩵

  4. I’m blown away by this outcome. I wondered if someone on the jury would have issue with disagreeing with LE. Some people are very dedicated to that thin blue line even faced with this overwhelming level of corruption.

    I don’t see how anyone could have sat through this trial, watched how insanely botched the investigation was, the unprofessionalism of LE and the lack of real evidence proving how the death was caused and decided beyond any reasonable doubt that the facts indicate this death could be caused ONLY by KR in the exact manner explained by the state and there was no other possible way it could happened.

  5. The CW can't build a timeline b/c it didn't happen — JO wasn't hit by a car! 😅 The witnesses can't just keep changing their testimony to fit whatever story they want to tell at that moment. John's phone stopped moving at 12:32 and Karen was home by 12:36. You CANNOT make it from Fairview to Pleasant street in 4 minutes in perfect weather. The CW was gaslighting everyone right to the bitter end.

  6. Why would people want to send an innocent woman to jail how is that possibly Justice. Paul needs to not act like that I understand feelings come into it, but that is not appropriate.

  7. Following this trial for over a year now, I firmly believe those that were holding out for "guilty," their morals and beliefs make it impossible for them to believe that our law enforcement/government can do any wrong. Just from the comments I've seen and conversations had, in my opinion, it's hard for people to see that they are people with faults, too.

  8. I am a life long Mass resident and I can assure you- The state isn't going to rush another trial. Notice how the judge brought up a week in July to meet and pretty much EVERY day (in that week) that Yannetti could meet – Bev couldn't. They are all incompetent.

  9. I think that the defense failed to consider the questions that may have arisen with regard to the two "daddies". For all they knew, these two guys volunteered to come forward for free! That would not make them seem more credible than the state's experts. Maybe they thought they were inserting themselves in a case in order to drum up business. They also might have thought well, even if it is the feds, obviously nothing came of it because no one was arrested and this trial is going on. They probably thought if the feds were involved this trial wouldn't have happened.. They had no idea that the feds fed the defense information and that the feds move slowly and they had not made a final decision. I think if they had been allowed to know about the federal investigation this would have made an enormous enormous enormous difference!

  10. I'm interested in the evidence presented to the grand jury? I'm shocked at the lack of evidence presented in this trial. Wondering if there was a confession in her police interview? Having watched every day of this trial, I'm so confused how people firmly believe she's guilty.

  11. Without respect to any of the other evidence & testimony; the (Arca?) accident reconstruction witnesses were the embodiment of Reasonable Doubt. One or two jurors who want justice for O’Keefe & Family or one “stealth” Juror.

  12. I thank God those who saw the “real” evidence and stuck to their guns that she was innocent.. Law officials from this town need to be locked up.. Hoping FBI takes charge of this now..

  13. Nobody it’s going to retrial this case anyway. The lead detective it’s rehomed but the investigation continues. This is the beginning we just need one to start talking, this case needs to be in another jurisdiction to avoid the DA from manipulating evidence. Corruption it’s a cancer in a democracy. The first victims are regular citizens.

  14. In my opinion, the Common Wealth did not prove she was guilty, but I can also see how a juror might not be able to totally exonerate her from some sort of responsibility. There are a lot of players in whatever happened here, and it would be difficult for me to say for certain she had no knowledge of what occurred; that was not proven one way or the other. Something strange happened here, and someone is directly responsible, and it could be more than one person.

  15. This case should be an acquittal. Just goes to show you how much extra credibility jurors give to police officers, even when their testimony is obviously inconsistent with reality.

  16. That group killed that man, and the cover-up with by all of them is beyond despicable. I pray during this time that they find the real evidence to jail all those cops and their families

  17. What stands out to me is that when someone says she's guilty, they talk about what she (allegedly) said when she was out of her mind with panic/grief. They talk about what she looks like.

    When people say she's not guilty, they talk about the state of John's body, expert testimony, and actual evidence.

  18. I don't understand how people don't understand why John's family doesn't like her. Imagine how Karen's family would feel if John left Karen stranded and then she was later found dead by the side of the road? She texted him 50 times, but never knocked on the door or honked the horn? She's a liar. Too bad they didn't have a video doorbell on their front door.

  19. Maybe it was one or two jurors who held out for a guilty verdict, but they wanted it to sound like it was more even split, so the judge wouldn't make them go back again??

  20. I live in Clark County Las Vegas and I got not only completely fit up, the police officer ahem set me up to be hazed in the County Jail, a jail filled with the most sadistic so-called oath takers I have ever seen or thought possible in this country. Don’t ever call me naive again…the system is not just rigged, broken, and utterly corrupt – it is heartbreaking…because of every service member who has made the ultimate sacrifice for the U.S. Constitution and this republic upon which it stands…

  21. Having served on a jury we were constantly told that we had to leave our personal feelings out of our rulings & to only rule on the evidence. So individual principles & moral convictions are personal feelings surely, therefore some of these jurors had made up their minds before hearing any evidence.

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