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LIVE! Jury Wants To Hang In Karen Read Trial – Judge Won’t Let Them? Why Would Read Want That?

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00:00 Welcome
00:46 Intro
01:57 Jury Note – Unable to reach Verdict
17:56 Q&A
22:06 Tuey-Rodriguez Instructions
26:47 Q&A
31:20 Tuey-Rodriguez Instructions
33:05 Q&A
34:25 Alternate Tuey-Rodriguez Instructions
38:06 Q&A
44:07 Tuey-Rodriguez Instructions Notes
47:34 Q&A
54:40 Tuey-Rodriguez Instructions Notes
58:00 Judge Instructions To Jury
1:02:43 Q&A
1:43:12 Live – Jurors Note To Keep Working
1:44:20 Q&A
2:19:25 Live – Jurors Going Home For The Day
2:21:02 Q&A
2:24:17 Conclusion

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34 thoughts on “LIVE! Jury Wants To Hang In Karen Read Trial – Judge Won’t Let Them? Why Would Read Want That?

  1. Where in the whole of the US, or indeed the world, would you find a new impartial Jury, that was not aware of this case. Its impossible the majority of the people that witnessed this trial followed the science and the common sense facts in the evidence, 90% of the world know Karen should have been found NOT GUILTY.

  2. I think LE knows KR is Innocent, I think they purposely botched the investigation So she does get off, that distracts from investigating "anyone" else and allows evidence to disappear and
    unlikely they will arrest anyone else. Huge DISTRACTION from the truth

  3. Okay the FBI investigating may not be a big enough deal but the fact that the EXPERTS HIRED BY THE FBI ALL SAY he didn't get hit by a car SHOULD absolutely mean something.

  4. In Oregon, I served on a jury in a criminal drug case. A 10-2 majority was required for guilty, not unanimous. I believe more serious offenses (murder) require unanimous.

    I can see pros and cons. Two jurors were kind of hung up on "reasonable doubt" as in "Despite all the evidence to the contrary, maybe the Earth is flat. I don't know, I don't like sending anybody to jail. I mean, I'm pretty sure it's round, but I don't want this on me." It makes it easier to come to a verdict, but I think favors a guilty one. I'm optimistic that if the jury comes to a verdict, it will more likely be a not guilty one.

    But at the same time, how on Earth, let alone in one county, can you find 12 people who can agree on anything? I'm shocked that more juries don't hang.

    I think raising the general legal literacy is important and channels like this are awesome. "Reasonable doubt" is actually a really tough but important concept.

  5. The two or three jurors who are holding on to a Guilty verdict are still asking this question: what’s Physics and Science got to do with Karen backing into John at 26mph? Were they sitting in the back seat? jk 😂 I know no one in the jury pool could be that dumb and still be chosen.

  6. This judge's last murder trial was 1st a mistrial then was re-tried very shortly thereafter–just before the care and Read trial. The 2nd jury came back twice to say they had exhausted a potential of reaching a verdict. She sent them back even after the second time. And then days later they came back with a guilty verdict. That was almost 2 mistrials. It's hard to believe you can send a jury back twice after a trial has already entered in a hung jury already. There seems to be a huge signal there. Consequently, it just feels the guilty verdict was forced at some level. Not saying it was…but sure feels that way.

  7. How come the judge doesn’t hesitate to allow any witnesses to read their statements/ testimony as many times as needed but the jury cannot re read any testimony. Talk about bias, WTH?

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