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LIVE: Boyfriend Cop Murder Trial – MA v. Karen Read – Day 29

Karen Read is accused of driving drunk and hitting her boyfriend, Boston police officer John O’Keefe, before leaving him to die in January 2022. Read is now facing several charges, including second-degree murder for the death of O’Keefe. Read claims that she is the victim of a massive frame-up by state and local police.

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28 thoughts on “LIVE: Boyfriend Cop Murder Trial – MA v. Karen Read – Day 29

  1. Is Lally really suggesting that Johns injuries weren't serious enough to be a dog bite while arguing that the lack of serious injury to his body is consistent with a pedestrian vs mva accident?

  2. John’s brother is breaking my heart. He has been there everyday hoping for justice. The descriptions he has endured about his brother’s death and biopsy takes so much bravery.
    This is a terrible but beautiful example of a brother’s love.
    He is the last of his siblings. He is now an only child in the worst possible way. Sending him and his family so much love.

  3. Sounds like the tow truck driver testified to being on, Fairview at 2:30 and the person taking the statement or someone else decided to add a "1" before the time, because it would fit into their false narrative better. The snow helped coverup their original crime of beating a man to half to death only they didn't think about a tow truck driver with years and years of experience as a professional driver.

  4. This lady testified to not being pressured to change her report. However, she based her findings on the police report provided to her. So, confirmation bias was already present. It’s interesting there are nine women on the jury because nine men will immediately see, John had the crap beaten out of him. The, Albert kids knuckles were all torn up. The dog attack of the arm is obvious. John, saw the video of, Karen, kissing Higgins. John, may have swung first. Higgins, is a much bigger guy, had on gloves in the sallyport, so, probably had them on at the house, his snow plow was there (did John hit his head on it falling back from a blow to the eye?), did the fight occur in the driveway? Not much snow yet, so why did, Higgins plow it before the, Alberts pulled in? Was Higgins clearing evidence? We know Higgins is well schooled in crimes, physical restraint, etc. And, after “viewing the family photos”away from the other house guests, Higgins takes off and goes to the Police Department to “move cars”, before “butt dialing” back & forth with, Albert around 2:20 am. Seven minutes before, Jen, googles about how long for a person to die in the cold.

  5. Snow plow driver has two entirely different times in testimonies defense lawyers got to him to change his story from interviews in previous statements
    Plus he can’t see well

  6. Im fully team Karen Read, i expect her to be acquitted, but Lucky Loughrane's timelines are all over the place, i couldnt take his testimony at face value… fortunately they did enough that I dont think its needed

  7. The moral of this whole story is always check your taillights this tactic has got more individuals arrested for probable cause then probably any other driving offense

  8. Lally needs to apologize to us all for causing us all distress while listening to him over the past two months! I have holes all over my apt walls from where pics of Lally were hanging and i seriously doubt I’m getting my deposit back. F you Lally.
    And kids…remember…Never Go Full Lally!!

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