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LIVE: Boyfriend Cop Murder Trial – MA v. Karen Read – Day 26

Karen Read is accused of driving drunk and hitting her boyfriend, Boston police officer John O’Keefe, before leaving him to die in January 2022. Read is now facing several charges, including second-degree murder for the death of O’Keefe. Read claims that she is the victim of a massive frame-up by state and local police.

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39 thoughts on “LIVE: Boyfriend Cop Murder Trial – MA v. Karen Read – Day 26

  1. Listening to these people explain google and Safari tabs makes me so glad in not there. My eyes started crossing with exhaustion. I hate it when Lally clears his throat before nearly every question.

  2. What about the driving event From, Jen McCabe's house back to, John O'Keefe's house? Where the girls all went and got into one car to go look for John? Did you miss a possible key cycle?

  3. Trooper Paul's cross examination is a prime example of why education is extremely fundamental, cop or not. Most of these cops are under educated, and that's why they make so many excessive mistakes when it comes to executing the law, investigating crimes and making simple judgement!! Such a shame.

  4. @ 01:56:30 possibly the 4th time I heard DA witness giving incorrect weight of a LX570. Curb weight is about 5800 lbs, the gross vehicle weight is 7400 lbs (max loaded w ppl, stuff, etc). That incorrectly increases momentum calculations by almost 50%. The lack of knowledge, professionalism, ability, etc by most of these investigators is appalling and obviously calls into question any expert opinion by them.

  5. Ok well then he landed right where he died ? Or did he roll a little ways after hitting the ground? this guy saying he held on to it after he hit the ground and rolled? so did he get projected 30ft or did he get projected less then that and continued holding on to the glass after he hit the ground and rolled however many more feet?? Has to be one or the other, Such contradiction from the so called expert 😂

  6. You have her ex w personality disorder because her smirks in court and vm messages. What she did is COMPLETELY understandable. She thought John went into the house and left her waiting for him. She is feeling disrespected and she is also drunk!!! What she did at that point is reasonable. I would have left and when he never called her she was hurt and mad…she left the vms….how do iu explain the dog bites and missing do, cops throwing away phones and videos and of course the detective hates her and called her every name possible…FRAMED

  7. I think even AJ is surprised how clueless this man is! Physics doesn’t apply in this situation. I did stuff. You just kinda go from there to a line.

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