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LIVE: Boyfriend Cop Murder Trial – MA v. Karen Read – Day 20

Karen Read is accused of driving drunk and hitting her boyfriend, Boston police officer John O’Keefe, before leaving him to die in January 2022. Read is now facing several charges, including second-degree murder for the death of O’Keefe. Read claims that she is the victim of a massive frame-up by state and local police.

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37 thoughts on “LIVE: Boyfriend Cop Murder Trial – MA v. Karen Read – Day 20

  1. So, McCarthy's video is 12 minutes behind real time! This is HUGE because times weren't adding up. How come this guy didn't notice the bubbles in the glass which, Higgins, did when he described what she was drinking out of? Liars always give too much unnecessary information and conveniently don't recall what's important. It's so sad this young man's life will be over soon and his girlfriend will be used as the scapegoat. The prosecution has convinced me she's completely innocent. Who killed him? Higgins is on my list. Albert's helped. There's something about, Colin. And, Jen McCabe. What's with her? Just a busy body? She's definitely a master manipulator. Trust, Carrie and the others will see, Jen's testimony and wake up to the TWO-FACED monster, Jen is.

  2. Judge Auntie Bev Vader sustains EVERY SINGLE OBJECTION from the prosecution. The defense doesn’t object that often, but when they do, she “allows” the witness to answer.
    If she was a real Judge with morals and integrity she would have recused herself.

  3. That shoe is way to clean to have been worn by a man that was run over by an SUV and thrown in the street during a blizzard
    Also, how do we know they didn't break that rail light while 5-6 officers were shoveling snow in the Sally port. And why does it take 5-6 officers to shovel a tiny bit of snow from a heated Sally port

  4. That taillight plastic looks like it was busted out with a tool of some kind. Say a police baton or butt of a flashlight? The broken pieces are so small and so many. Probably not caused by a fleshy human wrapped in cotton clothes. Just saying

  5. Elaine… I mean Lally! ENOUGH ALREADY w the "WHAT-IF-ANY"!!!
    🙅🏻‍♂️ Adam… bro… you've gotta knock it off! 🙅🏻‍♂️
    I don't think you understood the 1st time around so I'll spell it out for you…
    🙋🏻‍♀️ She was NOT a highly revered and respected AWESOME chic like Camille or Jessica. 🙋🏻‍♀️
    🙇🏻‍♂️ We know you're asking the whole 'what if any' part bc you're tired of getting sustained objections against you for leading. 🙇🏻‍♂️
    🤦🏻‍♂️ This DOESN'T make you sound any smarter than a cat-ton of sustained objections, my guy… 🙅🏻‍♂️

  6. Would clothes be soaking wet in freezing blizzard temperatures when they found John that morning per Bukhenik’s testimony? Would it be possible for John to be “soaking wet” @ 3:50:02? Don’t people freeze dry their clothing in winter? But if it was freezing cold, the 'Dry snow' has little to no liquid water content. When they used snow blowers the snow looked dry and was easy to blow the yard while looking for evidence. Which makes me think it wasn’t wet snow ❄️ Karrie said they had to also wipe snow off his face in her testimony.

  7. It is beyond inappropriate to allow a state trooper to opine on medical causes for what he says he saw. And i dont understand why hes introducing photos of the victims body. That should be the ME.

    What a bizarre trial.

  8. 5:55:32 this is when defense knows the video is inverted. And even with jury and Buhkenik out for a break, while defense watches the video for the first time, Lally never mentions its inverted. He's either incompetent or corrupt. Both are hideous

  9. 3:18:33
    Why is nobody talking about the glass on the bumper? The prostitution theory is John was holding a cup when he was hit by the car and part of the broken glass from that cup was recovered from the bumper of KR's car. However most of the glass recovered from the bumper didn't match the cup that was found at the scene. Only one piece did match……. Where did the rest of the glass come from? It's not like glass is a normal thing to find on the bumper of a car. So how is there glass from multiple sources on KR's bumper? Did someone pick up glass from the ground (pretty normal to find glass from multiple sources on the ground) and place it on the bumper? Seems like the most logical conclusion.

  10. Poor Karen, what a strong woman keeping her composure while watching these horrible images of her deceased boyfriend, all beaten up ( by the police themselves) and hearing the abundance of lies told. Some might say wow she hasn’t shed a tear and all reality though she’s had so many years to process this and go through all different stages of emotions pertaining of this. Of course she’s dying inside. She’s crying silently. But now… Now she has to fight for her life. So let’s respect that and let her fight for her life. Of course she mourning O’Keefe. She loves him and we all know she’s innocent.❤

  11. Well for being his live in, she didn’t show too much concern by going to her parents house and not the hospital. I would’ve run all the way to be by my boyfriend’s side. Hmmm

  12. the car was already cleaned off in the sally port earlier, then they drove it out and then back in again to make it looks it they got it at 5:30pm. They really must have got it earlier ( maybe 30 mins to an hour), leaving plenty of time for someone to drive the tail light pieces over to the crime scene BEFORE the state troopers started their investigation at 34 fairview. Look at all the snow on the ground when they drive it in, and why is the car already cleaned off if it was parked all day? i live in New England and snow on the roof a car has to be cleaned off, it doesn't fly off if driven.

  13. KR… the jury is watching every move you make…and every single facial expression you make. I’m saddened by the fact she has no remorse whatsoever. I believe even if she didn’t back in to him on purpose, she backed in to him drunk and took his life, so tragic!

  14. What you are seeing is a mirriored video!, left is right and right is left, proctor on the right messing with the tail light!. But its flipped so it seems proctor is at the drivers side.

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