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Lead detective in Karen Read murder case under investigation

Trooper Michael Proctor, involved in the investigation into the Canton death of Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe, is the subject of “an internal investigation into a potential violation of Department policy,” Massachusetts State Police said Wednesday.

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35 thoughts on “Lead detective in Karen Read murder case under investigation

  1. Not guilty verdict, Very obvious, Even though Karen was drunk & drinking, & driving, They all were drinking, drunk, & driving, but the Suv isn't what hit John O'Keefe, Evidence shows how John died, That's from being Beaten, & attacted by the dog. Also this Judge should of been removed, This Judge was ready to convict Karen & The Judge was hoping the jury would give Karen the murder charge or manslaughter charge, Karen's lawyers Action Jackson is so good he notices everything Karen does have great lawyers, & so glad he spoke up to Ole miss tired Judge So she says how tired she is, This Judge has a sit down job how are you so tired, Just do your job. This Judge should of been removed, Karen smiled because her lawyer Jackson is so good he caught that there wasn't a box for not guilty, This is a person's life on the line, You need to just do your job right, The jury should get it right, Theres always 1 or 2 people on the jury that has to be so difficult Most likely they have a X cop on the jury, There is absolutely no evidence that shows Karen hit John, the evidence shows John was beaten & bitten & attacted & how all the state witnesses lied during there testimony & how most of them were involved & Proctor who was involved in tampering with evidence, & inverted the video evidence of Karen's vehicle, They all had Jelousy & hatred for Karen, There is 12 jurors, I think its 6/6 tied verdict & not unanimous & the Jurors are deadlocked, just dont see how, there was no evidence, always got to be dumbfounded others that are being difficult, This was definitely a cover up, we seen & heard the same evidence & There was none!!!! The jury has to come back with
    Not Guilty verdict or it will be a hung jury verdict, by the looks this is going to be a hung g jury. The jury is stalling & wasting time, This trial was 10 wks. long I been watching from the very beginning, Don't these jurors want to go home, get back to their lives, They sat through listening to the whole trial, I sure didn't think there was going to be any hesitation in a verdict being reached, Unless they all didn't want to be the ones to make this decision of Karen being found Not guilty. If this is a hung Jury I think Karen lawyers have no problem with doing this all over again, As for Lally, I'm not so sure. What is wrong with this Jury.. ugh!!!! Canton police is corrupt & under current investigation as I read several stories thats been reported & gave their own town a bad Rep due to their own involvement. If I was Karen when ever she is found not Guilty, I would pursue a civil suit & sue them all , gain compensation for pain suffering & all fees spent & time consuming for wasting everyone's time

  2. The problem is he’s not a top detective. He was barely a cop when he was promoted to detective. You need a mature confident man or woman. He’s clearly not mature enough to handle this job.

  3. I know a man who is stuck in this case and I hope it is all resolved and the man/women that committed the murder is put behind bars. I also have a friend that is very close to the lead investigator that said the man is a very good person but he makes bad mistakes. I hope the least amount of punishment is losing his job and going to jail for a little while.😢

  4. Karen Reed is innocent and the police are covering up the real killer. As common sense approach person it is clearly undeniably no reasonable doubt she is innocent. Baltimore government is in a very bad position.

  5. After watching hundreds of hours of police, sheriff and state troopers getting everything wrong that can be wrong, the debacle of the ‘evidence’ in this case is unsurprising. Seems to me that we take a subtle, intricate and intellectual like the law and expect it to be understood and enforced by a bunch of badged and armed gangs of chimpanzees.

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