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Lakers Signing Demar Derozan After Missing on Klay Thompson? | Lakers Free Agency UPDATE!

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48 thoughts on “Lakers Signing Demar Derozan After Missing on Klay Thompson? | Lakers Free Agency UPDATE!

  1. Where do you think the Lakers should go from here after missing on Klay Thompson? Comment down below!

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  2. LeBron shouldn't be attached to big names to take a pay cut. Imagine LeBron taking a pay cut enabling them to sign DeMar and Tyus Jones? Or Mo? Or make trades they wouldn't be able to otherwise for guys like jermani grant.

  3. if the lakers wants to risk it? why not go all in for miles bridges if not for his off court issues he would have been a max contract player and the guy doesn't have any market or the market has been bad @JSM24 i hope you would make a video about it

  4. Nah, completely disagree. They need a guy who can lead the team. Someone who can play Batman. BRON and AD will miss games. We can’t keep just gifting those games away. THATS why we slip down the rankings. Klay wasn’t carrying the team during that time. Age will catch Lebron slowly. AD is AD (good or bag). Demar is who we need 💯

  5. Another great analysis. I'd only offer Demar MLE. Doesn't fit next to Lebron. It certainly doesn't make sense trading away Dlo in a S&T for Demar. At least Dlo can hit the 3. On MLE, Demar would be easy to flip for assets if it doesn't work out.

    Lakers need to focus on their needs. 1) Defensive POA guard (i.e. Caruso/KCLP type) 2) 3-D 3) Center. We don't need the Lakers Front Office to make desperate moves (see RussW trade). 

    Actually, I think Lakers need to hire a Front Office like the people running OKC, Denver or (hate to say it) Boston. These 3 teams FO have had clear multi-year plans. Denver jumped at trading for KCP the moment Lakers foolishly traded him away to Washington. Likewise, Boston traded for the perfect 2 way guard in Dru Holiday once the Bucks decided to dump him for Lillard.

    Need a FO who knows how to make the smart moves, not focus on big splashy/big name moves …. like keeping Zubac, Caruso, KCP, not trading for RussW, drafting JaimeJ. (instead of JHS) etc.

  6. Not a lakers fan but they messed up letting kcp and caruso go as well as dwight, he did what needed to be done to put jokic off his game. It allowed Ad to be free, if they would have kept those three, i honestly think they win another one

  7. They should go for Lauri! Much better fit. A 3point shooter and a big who can probably switch with AD. I would give up rui for him lol. I like rui though, but he may fit better. If they can get rid of dlo that would be better

  8. A good solid center is what lakers need now. I dont understand why others keep mentioning all these other position players……lakers lost to denver cuz of fatigueness of AD n Bron. Having a solid center defender will ease them off when playing teams like nuggets sixers. How did lakers win the champ back in 2020? Definitely not cuz of covid. Its cuz Howard Mcgee putting pressure on Jokic.

  9. They have to make a major move now if they wanna win another chip b4 bron retire they gots to get shooters n defenders to compete with the stacked west even the east stacked now

  10. Delusional Lakers fans, congratz, u have been tricked by the Front Office once again, the clowns! Enjoy and be happy about it, next time we go again! Sjeez freaking mess they are, the Lakers FO! 😑🤦

  11. JSM name one thing that you said about trades that actually happened. You on some Capcom Street Fighter ish. 😅😂😢 Unsubbed just all talk, You must be Klutch Forts 2

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