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50 thoughts on “Lakers Miss On Klay Thompson, What Do They Do Now?

  1. And everybody already hating on the possibility of Demar joining the team. Yall are the reason why nobody else wants to join the Lakers. There are definitely people that brought up the 0/10 when Klay was possibly joining. Maybe if yall would stfu we'd get better players. Players don't wanna join a team with fans that think they know more than them when we're all just sitting on our asses commenting on posts and not actually playing in the NBA cause we're not nearly good enough to be in the league.

  2. People going after Trevor for saying "be patient" like he has a say in whether or not Pelinka has a job. Bruh… People are so sad on the internet lol

  3. No Trevor u keep defending Rob, its accumulation atp.We dont care what he planned he not getting it done. After Bron and AD asked for Westbrook he went and got him and left the roster as is. How was that gone work? Geanie and Rob are our worse enemy.

  4. 16 mil a joke but he do not like lebron–2016? so nothing can be done about it. he was not the defender he was and gsw did not even make playoffs and lost to lakers last time. so gsw time is gone. they could have traded for PG and missed out. and nobody knows what clippers are doing with KAWHI who do not play much.

  5. If they sign DeRozan to the MLE, we should trade Rui, Dlo, Gabe and Vando (and picks) for Jerami Grant & Anfernee Simons, trade Wood (and picks) for Walker Kessler and sign Saddiq Bey on a minimum (prove it deal). This is the only scenario that makes the most sense for us signing DeRozan but dk how realistic it is with Portland not wanting to trade with the Lakers, and would most likely require a 3rd team (Nets, Wizards etc.)

  6. They want this over, nobody's coming to save em'. Fumbled Caruso, cast aside Kuzma, gaffed on Russ, blamed Vogelscience, hired a newbie, salvged a trainwreck, built something better, newbie loses team, brand new trainwreck, and now another newbie to correct all that disconnect. Lebrons gravity affects franchises' stability. Before his arrival, it was in shambles. The worst thing this franchise did was to WIN. Its like a gambling addict winning the lotto. They've turned a palace into a prison.

  7. Needs:
    Starting Point Guard – DEFENSIVE STUD
    Backup Point Guard – STEADY PLAY. [TYUS JONES]
    STARTING Small Forward – TWO WAY

    Trade Pieces: Gabe Vincent, Rui Hachimura, Jaxson Hayes, Christian Wood, Cam Reddish, Jalen Hood Schifino, D'Angelo Russell

    PG: FILL NEED, Tyus Jones
    SG: Austin Reaves, Max Christie, Dalton Knecht
    SF: FILL NEED, Taurean Prince
    PF: LeBron James, Jarred Vanderbilt
    CC: Anthony Davis, FILL NEED.

    Pelinka has serious work to do.

  8. demar is good but the lack of spacing will be a serious liability to any championship hopes.

    Would be good to get Lonnie Walker and Thomas Bryant back for depth, especially on veteran minimums.

  9. I just don’t think Pelinka has the good faith negotiating on the part of other GMs. I think that’s been the case since day 1. What if this was a "stress test" of Pelinka’s ability to work deals with his NBA counterparts?

  10. Lakers offered Clay $80 million for 4 years (i saw it online; not confirmed), that would have covered CA taxes and more than the 3 year $50 million from Dallas. He just did not want to be a Laker.

  11. The lakers management is void of common sense/ How much can a 40 year old player do. He is going to be subject to injuries at an old age. Also no one wants to play with him with all his goat antics and imagined star power and excessive control of other players. Then they draft his son who maybe a good high school player. Lakers arent into that show but need a strategy that brings them a championship show instead. we would be better off sending lebrun and son to miami and getting back some youth that can play. I would not give him a no sign and trade clause. That will hamstrung the team. there are teams that want his star power circus, trade him and give it to them.

  12. Pelinka came into free agency unprepared and had no plan. After July 6 he should be fired. I would love for the team to be sold to someone that understands how to run an organization. JJ
    Is probably thinking he could have kept his sweet ESPN job and still run his podast.

  13. Hehe the same is happening as every year , i wonder if Denver gonna ruin the night that Bronny and Dad play together for the first time too 😂 we needed a center and klay, …

  14. As a lakers fan I’m tired of Rob he needs to be replaced and we need magic back! Also I keep hearing Demar rumors … I’m guessing we haven’t learned our lessons about finding pieces that fit and stop chasing big names ….. if we want to do something now trade DLO & something else for Cam Johnson a shooter & if Lebron is still willing to take a small pay cut bring in Buddy Hield another shooter then create space for a cheap cheap center in Thomas Bryant (not a game changer but will definitely put pressure on other bigs with his athleticism)

  15. If we're moving on from the hunt for a star or impact player I'd love for the front office to take a genuine look at Omer Yurtseven to beef up our frontcourt. He can crash the boards, shoot, and defend too. He averaged a double double for Miami that season when Bam and Dedmon were both out. Had Heat fans begging Spo to make him start over Bam. Best of all he's dirt cheap and would be perfect as our 3rd string center.

  16. Go back and read the comments from the episode(s) after Christian Wood signed. Compare it to the recent comments about Rob. What a difference a year makes.

  17. Just develop in house. We can’t land a third player to help LeBron and A.D. Rob needs to pick it up. Maybe we take a step being together another year. It’s our most realistic option. We’re not getting the players we need to contend.

  18. Demar derozan and a big and were good demar provides a threat in th3 mid range which can open up th3 3pt game and he can get his own bucket and has decent defense

  19. lol hope you guys are ready to start talking about trade deadline and buyout market rumors , lakers ain’t getting no damn body 😂😂😂😂

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