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28 thoughts on ““Lakers are best landing spot for Klay” – Stephen A. reacts to Lakers intriguing for Klay Thompson

  1. The Sixers are a sad JOKE! They'll always be a 2nd round team at best.
    Steven A is cluelessly running his mouth again. Klay has LOST his shooting prowess! He isn't a good defender anymore! If he were then GS would be giving him the contract.
    Where ever Klay goes he will demand to start (he is not starter caliber anymore) & that is Klays mental wall. HE THINKS HE IS WHAT HE WAS!
    He needs to look at Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony & then Vince Carter. The later accepted his decline & his role then finished off a great career.
    Westbrook & Melo could not accept their reality. Klay is going to be a headcase where ever he goes. I would think another team besides the Lakers would be a better fit because of the geological change. It would sink in faster to accept your decline or STEP THE F UP!

  2. klay would be a nice fit but JV would also be a nice addition, hopefully they can get them both.

    warriors been sliding ever since draymond knocked out jordan poole lol

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