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Klay Thompson unfollows the Warriors, Angel Reese flagrant fouls Caitlin Clark | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Klay Thompson unfollowed the Golden State Warriors and removed any presence of theirs on social media. Draymond Green said it was “comical”. Nick Wright, Chris Broussard, and Kevin Wildes ask if this is a sign that Thompson will leave the Warriors. Plus, they discuss the flagrant foul committed by Angel Reese on Caitlin Clark.

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Klay Thompson unfollows the Warriors, Angel Reese flagrant fouls Caitlin Clark | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First

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48 thoughts on “Klay Thompson unfollows the Warriors, Angel Reese flagrant fouls Caitlin Clark | FIRST THINGS FIRST

  1. I think players do this because now everyone in the nba knows he's a FA. He can't talk to teams yet but we all know players and teams are already talking. I think it's strategic for someone trying to get another job.

  2. @5:54 … terrible take, terrible take, and terrible ATTEMPTS to JUSTIFY that Malicious Whack Above The Head of Caitlin Clark from Angel Reese. The fact that she was LOOKING at the BALL (while her hand was OUTSTRETCHED at least TWO FEET AWAY from the BALL) shows she atleast knew or thought bout she would have ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE in BLOCKING that ball but to WIND UP AND WHACK THE Girl Across The Head anyway…. it definitely deserves a flagrant foul and I definitely believe she tried to do it on purpose and I also definitely believe the Pitiful and pathetic attempt at staring the ball down knowing that will possibly WARRANT a replay after…. FURTHER shows that it was INTENTIONAL in my opinion.

  3. When did Angel say she didn't like Caitlin? How does Caitlin get the better of Angel when they play two different positions and don't typically guard one another? Angel is the better Rookie by position and consistency. This dude is a joke.

  4. Agreed. Removing Klay does nothing for the actual team. Kuminga and/or Wiggins needs to step up. And they the same player so one gotta go. And they need a SOLID 5 THAT CAN SHOOT. Like a KAT but not soft and silly

  5. A Klay Thompson down year, would be a Damien Lillard top 3 year. A Klay Thompson down year would be Trae Young’s best year in the NBA. Most players would be absolutely ecstatic to shoot %39 from 3…

  6. unfollowing is whatever, deleting the pic of him and steph after winning in 2022 is disgusting

    and angel reese is shooting 37% on layups directly under the rim, she has no room to talk about anything

  7. Yes figured it was in the making that they were going to trade Klay Thomas. he has lost his usefulness to the warriors that unfortunately is the name of the game he won four titles with them but now he is only a third of the player that he once was and he's older he is 35 years old or going on 35s are only going to dimension even more so the warriors have to get rid of him while he still has value. What's that unfortunately is the name of the game in sports. Draymond Green will probably be next. The dynasty is officially over.

  8. Those bums should’ve traded Klay and Draymond as soon as they won the chip when they had some value. Steph would have 2 more chips by now but they wanted to keep washed bums.

  9. The WNBA is a "physical" league. The NFL used to be a more physical league. Bet Nick would change his mind fast about physical leagues if Patrick Mahomes was getting sacked with the same physicality in 2024 like Elway and Manning used to get sacked back in the 1990s and early 2000s. 😀

  10. It’s about time. Klay should go elsewhere n Dreamtime should go away too. Klay is NOT the player he used to. He is awful for 2 yrs! Warriors supported him. It’s time!

  11. They offered klay 2 for 48. I really hope this isn’t a case where he messes around and get lower than that after his perceived personality and his lack of adjustments.

  12. Do you know that in all the games the Sky have played this season the team have committed two flagrant fouls?

    Both flagrants were against Fever. None against the other 10 teams they hvave played

    Both fouls were against one player – Clark

    i.e. around 80 players have lined up against the Sky and the Sky have flagrantly fouled one player TWICE and the other 79 zero

  13. Angel Reese gets to be “unapologetically her” and it’s considered a good thing. Caitlin Clark has to apologize for what people online say about her. LMAO 😂😅😂😅😂😅

  14. EVERYBODY is saying klay is trash. But if he EVER signed with ANY TEAM LEBRON JAMES IS ON, GUARANTEED yall will SWEAR its a super team and they should win the championship!

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