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39 thoughts on “Klay Thompson on Draymond Green’s ejection 🗣️ #shorts

  1. Count how many times Sabonis throws himself and flop on the floor each game just to get a whistle. Him doing that leads to him being stomped on. Flop around and gets stomp around.

  2. He shoved klay first then flopped down then grabbed draymonds ankle and held on so tight when draymond tried to free his leg it lifted sabonis off the ground. Sabonis deserved it.
    And embiid deserves a suspension too.

  3. This guy Klay somehow doesn’t get hate but he literally acts like he’s way better than he is which is a overrated role player who gets hot from time to time .. all this bum does is complain about anything and thinks he’s a top 75 player ever when it’s 60 players today better than him 😭literally some of the stats outside of basic stats show how overrated he is lol .. but now all these guys lying like sabonis barely grabbed him and he put his leg up and straight stepped on him when he had control it’s not like sabonis put strength and grabbed on him he was trying to protect his face .. and even if he did people defending stomping on him is wild

  4. He's holding back his feelings about Draymond's stuff with the crowd.

    I think Klay didn't answer the question and the response the reporter wanted was, "Yeah, I didn't like what Draymond did with the crowd. That's not cool. If he didn't hype up the crowd, we could have won."

  5. BTW – this is not the first time he grabbed Dray's ankle plus they kept baiting Dray on all that same game looking for something. Golden State need to stop playing nice nice and teach those id*ots a lesson collectively since their coach taught them to play dirty against the people he used to also coach..

  6. Can someone not reach for his shoulder when they fall?
    Where can he take his hand when he falls if the foot of the donkey comes between? Besides Klay pushed him down. I know that donkey is your teammate but don't stretch buddy.

  7. When someone grabs ur foot and ur moving full speed..not a good feeling at all..same happened to me when I was the end..hyperextended knee..I was out for 3-4 wks..smh

  8. Forget about what Sabonis did IT WAS because the NBA Commissioner did not like Draymond Green yelling at the crowd ( Think Ron Artest ) all it would take is someone throwing a drink or something. That’s the Suspension. Sabonis got a fragrant foul not his fault Draymond acted like a fool .😂

  9. He wasn’t running full speed, he was standing still. Those two things are literally the exact opposite of one another.

    Dray clearly could’ve stepped his foot back instead of on top of Sabonis. And even after he planted his foot on him, he definitely didn’t have to put his weight on him to take another step forward.

  10. Let's just say if it was Draymond on the ground and roles was reversed I'm pretty sure it would have been a double tech both getting fine and the narrative would have been Draymond shouldn't grab him for the record not a warriors fan

  11. I like the warriors but the fans a being extra delusional rn , both were dirty but why y’all acting like bro couldn’t just walk off after he got his leg free after like 3 secs of being held💀

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