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Klay Thompson Just Broke The NBA

Klay Thompson’s departure from the Golden State Warriors is now confirmed. Initially, the conflict was over Klay’s demand for a max contract, but with his declining numbers and contentious interviews, it was clear he wasn’t a max player anymore. Despite a fair offer of $20 million per year, Klay was offended and decided to leave out of spite. He’s now joining the Dallas Mavericks on a three-year, $50 million deal, benefiting from the lack of state income tax in Dallas. The Mavericks secured Klay at a perfect price, but it’s still shocking to see him leave the Warriors.
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35 thoughts on “Klay Thompson Just Broke The NBA

  1. I am not excited of anything for next season all I wanna see is is Lakers not making Playoffs and JJ getting fired and then JJ will acknowledge that Lebron is really not his GOAT since the beginning 😂

  2. 🏆🏆🏆Klay Thompson is a true Classy “GOAT”, he will be missed forever, sad sad day for San Francisco, losing a SF Family member hurts.😢 Love you Klay.😭😢😰❤️❤️❤️

  3. I was rooting for Dallas from the beginning of this playoff… Now i prefer them to not even qualify for the playin. Klay disrepected the Warriors and Dallas was already gready with Kyrie and Luka basically playing the same position but now with Klay outside of the arc too it s just non sense, sad for Luka, a player like him deserve a real team around

  4. Klay played himself with that move. It’s like cutting your nose off despite your face. At the end of the day he was offered over 25million a year with Golden State. Now he settles for 50 million over three years? Check your ego my man. Get that money.

  5. It is daunting to see the splash brothers breaking apart leaving a glamorous legacy behind. Nonetheless, I hope Klay can collaborate well with Luka Doncic to form a formidable contender for the Finals once again.

  6. Klay needs to become a Kyle Korver type player for the Mavs, run to your spots, play off ball, and do that catch and shoot which he's really good at.

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