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Klay Thompson is NO LONGER A WARRIOR 🚨

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Klay Thompson’s time with the Golden State Warriors is coming to an end. After his worst season in a decade, averaging under 18 points per game and the lowest three-point shooting percentage of his career, the Warriors have decided not to re-sign him. Klay’s demands for a max contract, despite his recent struggles, have led to this decision. Potential suitors include the Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers, and Los Angeles Clippers. Fans are left wondering if Klay can rebound from his challenging 2023 season.

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42 thoughts on “Klay Thompson is NO LONGER A WARRIOR 🚨

  1. Disgusting behavior from Klay
    He was injured for 2 years and instead of paying the loyalty the Warriors gave him back and take the pay cut he leaves
    No men with honor !

  2. Guys this from jxmyhighroller my prediction he's gonna make a video of kqly Thomsen getting drafted to Dallas and was it a good trade or a bad trade and how much championships will the big three win together

  3. I love Klay ,who ever he plays for he's going to go crazy, they should of got rid of dramon Green let's go Klay your my favorite player on the Warriors, I'm a Celtics fan come play for us please 🎉🎉🎉❤

  4. Bye he’s been trash for a couple years now ever since he got hurt . You can make a highlight of all his bricks and hairballs since he been back from injury and he’s been trash def not the same klay so good luck mavericks on that bust

  5. So they only said lebron called Klay at the start of free agency, not that Klay laughed him off the phone when he wanted him to join the LA Lebroners to be his next scapegoat. 🤣 Lakers dumpster fire continues to burn bright!

  6. Lowkey, I have been a warriors fan for 5 years, I believe. And I watched klay get injured….. and we still kept him, but now he’s leaving…. Which is alright, have fun with the runner ups

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