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Klay Thompson is Leaving The Golden State Warriors

According to Shams Charania, The Golden State Warriors are preparing for Klay Thompson to leave their franchise.
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47 thoughts on “Klay Thompson is Leaving The Golden State Warriors

  1. as a warriors fan, despite klays 0-10 preformence in a elimination game, he will always be remembered and loved!!!! THANK YOU KLAYπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  2. i don't think klay should leave just yet. warriors don't have a plan in place to replace such a guy the franchise will lose alot of fans if they do draymond is one of the most hated player so this is not a good time for this bullshit.

  3. They need to pick up Keisei. The best 3 point shooter savant, since the invention of basketball Keisei will change the way NBA players plays and shoots.

  4. Klay is honestly selfish at this point warriors gave him everything he asked for and now are still looking to pay him a decent bit but klay wants to leave to play for the lakers for lesser money because of his own ego

  5. i never really liked Klay i never liked his bougie nose in the air i m better then you kinda attitude if thats what you wanna call it! cant really pin point huis attitude but its Lame and he can gets to steppin the really dont need him they can do it without him

  6. Klay unfortunately is washed & no way he was getting the max from the Dubs anyways….keep developing Podziemski, Moody & Kuminga instead!πŸ€™πŸΎ

  7. See I'm not even a big fan of Klay Thompson but I'm so glad you brought up that he made 11 3-pointers in that Western Conference Finals game, that he had 60 points in 29 minutes, that he broke the record with 14 3-pointers and I didn't even know that he dropped 43 points with only taking 4 drinbles. Klay Thompson was super special & I think he's still has energy in that tank. This season is the real season which will reveal if he can be the old clay a little longer. Would say top five Elite Marksman ever

  8. Klay overrrates himself so much that it is digsuting at this point. Let's be real for a moment. Bertans with klays luck in his career (beeing a shooter besides curry) would have been klay. He dudu.

    I am so happy he wasn't in the top 75 cause he just never was that good. All he could do was shoot. There are several players that can do that but none of them had prime curry. It's like playing with a 65 overall woth 90 3pt shooitng together with 2 purps in 3v3 nba2k…it's not you my guy, and it is about time klay gets that into his bumass head.

    Klay should play for free cause he owes curry hundreds of millions

  9. Divencenzo balled out these playoffs with the knicks. Jordan poole was the 2nd coming of curry and GP JR got traded then brought back with less confidence. GSW should've traded Wiggins Klay & Draymond after there 4th championship. Wiggins GF stole his confidence. Draymond + GSW killed poole. If I'm the GM im sitting with steph and letting him hand pick who he wants us to pursue that caters to his game. Miles bridges would be top 3 on my list. I'd try to trade for Topping and see what Jimmy butler want to do so thats steph @ the 1 Jimmy 2 moody 3 kuminga 4 looney 5
    Bridges 6th man and some future picks after trading draymond and Wiggins

  10. Curry & Draymon Carried tf out of Klay…. Klay hasn't been there since TR vs GSW finals like talk about Washed asf it's not Klay team Curry Team 365 days a year not Klay he can be salty asf but who cares for a person that hasn't put # like my boy Curry

  11. Great! With Klay gone, we might make it to the playoffs next year and possibly the finals. His performance has been inconsistent over the last two years and it is cost the Warriors greatly. Also the Warriors paid him for two years while he recovered from major injuries. Not sure what he is expecting from management at this point, but he’s not worth 30 million a year moving forward.

  12. I love Klay. I hate saying this about him. It feels wrong to say. But can we admit that Pooles horrible season was still better than Klays. I cringe just writing this. But it is true 😬😭😭😭

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