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Klay Thompson Achilles Rupture before NBA Draft? Doctor Reacts to MAJOR NBA News!

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Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors has reportedly suffered a right lower leg injury and there are some reports that it could be a serious injury for the NBA star just coming off of an ACL injury. In this video I’m going to react to this shocking NBA news and review some of the main anatomy and differentials for what to consider with this type of injury. I’ll also review what I would do if I was there to evaluate Klay Thompson after the injury. On the night the NBA draft should have top priority, the Warriors can’t help but be concerned about next season and the health of Klay Thompson.

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32 thoughts on “Klay Thompson Achilles Rupture before NBA Draft? Doctor Reacts to MAJOR NBA News!

  1. *note this was already uploading when the Achilles fear news was reported, and this is discussed in my reaction but I also breakdown the full differential and how I would evaluate an injury like this, so hopefully still valuable learning. Thanks!

  2. I could see this hurting Klay because he was not the quickest player to begin with, so he will have to work that much harder to get open and maybe hurt the floor spacing slightly because of it. I would be worried he won’t be able to play defense as effectively either because of lack of athleticism trying to run around screens and stay on a faster player.

  3. Where was this sympathy when Derrick Rose got injured constantly? People were posting wheelchair memes and making fun of him when he was depressed. Fuck Klay. It's a part of the game

  4. I dont mean to disregard his injury but the professor tore his achilles and bounced back. I understand he doesnt play at the nba level but i hope klay chooses to take time like he did and not rush his return to the court.

  5. To me this sounds like its on the medical staff… Sounds like they paid too much attention to his injured knee but did not focus on the whole body. I pray for a strong recovery for Klay!

    You mention it at the end! I agree with you. Great video and very educational!

  6. Speaking of specific tests for the achilles tendon and the Thomson/calf squeeze, do you also use the Matles test?
    Do you use any other test? Some seem less applicable in acute scenarios or everyday primary care, such as Copeland or O´Brien.

  7. That's why you always use crutches if you injured one foot so you don't over compensate the other leg/foot.
    His trainer and doctor/specialist should be able to determine this.

  8. He obviously did not rehab in a balanced way. Even though it's the left leg, not the right where he had surgery, both legs have to be rehabbed together. At age 30 and won't be returning til 31, his career does not look bright in the next few years. Achilles tear after age 30 for a basketball player are devastating.

  9. I heard it is because he was putting to much force on his right leg because he didn’t want to injure his left leg again. Same thing happen to my dad. When he tore his acl

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