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Karen Read’s Prosecutors Are Under Federal Investigation? How Can The Defense Use This?

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34 thoughts on “Karen Read’s Prosecutors Are Under Federal Investigation? How Can The Defense Use This?

  1. This is a bit confusing. I came into the trial knowing nothing, now I’m watching older hearings. We know there was a federal grand jury. When the feds convene a grand jury do the targets of the investigation know they’re a target once the grand jury impaneled?

  2. For the past 10 years, district attorney Michael W. Morrissey has run unopposed for re-election. After the Read and Birchmore cases, will any lawyer who lives in Norfolk county MA finally dare to run against Morrissey in 2026? Or do they prefer the status quo because the current DA makes it easier for both lawyers and officers to get away with “stuff"?🧐

  3. Reviewing this 5 months down the road, it is clear the son and the father failed to see the Norfolk DA was under investigation by the DOJ, as clearly evidenced in the court video clip. The son repeatedly pauses this clip to opine with his father all the possibilities of what might be going on with the exception of events subsequently transpiring in this affair. They both missed it. They were equally wrong. This evidences how lawyers do not necessarily possess powers of deductive reasoning, the father particularly evidencing this shortcoming by repeatedly proclaiming the Norfolk DA had not been "targeted" under color of law by the feds, thus qualifying himself as ineffective counsel for Karen Read in this case.

  4. I kept my virgin ears on this trial and now am plucking backward. I am so curious if this investigation might involve some type inter agency frat boy club sharing info and resources; (Is my imagination too wild)

  5. The defense rested today. This did age well. Lolly had nothing to say in rebuttal? 6 weeks of walking on egg shells. Lolly has proven to be the most boring prosecutor west of the Atlantic, but his lack of rebuttal is his first wise act of saving himself. The feds PHD's were stellar in the witness box. What a trial. Now Jury delibs.

  6. Can't wait for when closing arguments happen, I like when closing arguments take place because it sounds so much better when it is puts together & makes more sense of everything, I still think defense is winning, I really don't think Karen at all did this, John's arm definitely looks like a dog attack & his face was beaten up, maybe John didn't go in the house Maybe John was beaten up on the front lawn & the dog attacted John & John passed out in the snow cause he was beaten up so bad & John then frozed to death with having hypothermia & the Alberts & the McCabes knew what had happened & they all tried covering it up. Because they all knew they would all be held accountable & because Trooper Proctor knew the families & Trooper Proctor Hated Karen & Trooper Proctor Tampered with the evidence & made it look like it was Karen that did this. one thing, is, The Judge is very Biased she always sustains everything, she always rushes everything, she always has an attitude, I don't care very much for this Judge.. She should of been removed.. I believe Karen is definitely 100% not guilty & all the ones involved should be charged & if I was Karen after this is over I would file a civil suit & sue them all. & reading some comments people couldn't possibly watched this whole trial, People are just guessing stuff as you hear it. Lol I been watching from the very beginning & John's O'Keefes family testified in the beginning , they think too that this was a cover up. People need to read & understand the whole story before just guessing & assuming & Karen was drunk dialing John but before she knew John was dead if Karen knew John was dead she would not of texted John that many times. With people just assuming without even been following this story & trial, People would just send anyone to prison This is a woman's life on the line I bet though when Karen is found not guilty, Karen doesn't drink anymore & Proctor should of been fired immediately Karen has great lawyers especially Karen's lawyer Jackson from California & I read Karen spent over 10,000 in lawyers fees

  7. Well you both were certainly wrong about this one…there definitely IS an investigation and it is NOT an exaggeration as ur father had thought it was

  8. Is it public information when someone becomes a Target of a Federal Grand Jury Investigation? Could Prosecutors in this case be a Target, without that being known by Defense attorneys?

  9. I dont think its jusgice just to have ms read exonerated. These cops not only murdered another member of law enforcement – they all colluded and conspired to set an innocent woman up and planted evidence, wasted probably millions in tax dollars and destrpyed the lives of those two precious children who alreqdy hav lost so much 😊

  10. Here we are with this corrupt cop still employed and actively working on cases. What an absolute joke. Helping cops cover up a murder of a cop by other cops. They will all not only get away with the murder but also the cover up

  11. I went in knowing nothing and just immediately thought she was guilty. Now I have done so much digging and investigation and realize that she is being railroaded. It is impossible for him to have been hit by a car and the FBI did a full reconstruction and confirmed that John O'Keefe was never struck by a vehicle ever. That was the number one thing for me that proved her innocence. Then two more things, the dog bites on his arm, I rescue German shepherds and have bread working line German shepherds and have been attacked by a dog and have nearly identical scarring from the upper teeth only. Finally, Jen McCabe's infamous 2:27 a.m. search is confirmed accurate by the fbi. The CW will not be able to overcome this. Brian and Colin killed him in the basement that's why they ripped up the flooring because John lost three liters of blood in that basement. Then they quickly sold their family home got rid of their dog and all their phones. Butt dials and butt answers it just goes on and on this is the case that keeps on giving. Clear corruption clear railroading of an innocent woman. Those Alberts and McCabes need to be on trial next

  12. Judge is so deep into this corruption and her ties to the Alberts and McCabes. And her previous involvement in getting one of the Alberts brothers off on an involuntary manslaughter or of the like case when she was an attorney.

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