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Karen Read trial: What to make of Michael Proctor’s testimony

Massachusetts State Police Trooper Michael Proctor, who led the investigation into the death of John O’Keefe, read texts he sent about Karen Read at her murder trial Monday.

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40 thoughts on “Karen Read trial: What to make of Michael Proctor’s testimony

  1. For all of you blasting Proctor (I do too), he is the number one victor of the mistrial ruling. No one even comes close. Take a wild guess if there will be even the remote disciplinary action against him. They can’t!!!!! That would be an admission of guilt. Will never happen.

  2. To all of the Karen Read is guilty idiots, I have a question. Why the massively and poorly executed police coverup for a crime Karen committed? I’m waiting….

  3. Procter is an Incompetent Thug..thank god he is not a spy..he woulda been doing prison time somewhere in siberia hes suck a tool box 😂😂😂

  4. Proctor said "playful fighting stances.” But he doesn't know that, he wasn't there!! He didn't witness it! He's taking the word of the McAlberts. He should not make that conclusion.

  5. With a very sad heart, I must withdrawal my support of the (good Officers ) as they remain silent, towing the Blue Line as bad Officers ignore the oath that they have taken. Supporting (good Officers) is the equivalent of supporting (Good Nazies). Or you can’t be half pregnant ,

  6. NBC: You need to update this: "A long history of corruption in Massachusetts state police" "Report from 1990s warned of lax oversight. Recent revelations show little has changed." No kidding. SO many article…"Simmering Boston police-corruption charges boil over "

  7. I forgot one other thing which is it is my feeling that the Judge, even though she seems nice, is blatantly and obviously more helpful to the prosecutor. She should check herself in the mirror before entering the courtroom each day. I'm thinking after all this time in trial will result in not guilty or hung jury.

  8. I was a paralegal for 40 years. The "head" of the department, Proctor, is definitely a chauvinist pig and I do believe the testimony will have an impact on the outcome of this trial. I also believe someone on the defense team should tell Karen to quit smiling and/or smirkiing. That obviously portrays that she has no feelings about about this dead man's death, whether true or not. Having said that and knowing what liars many police officers are, especially when they are deposed and testify in court, It is my feeling she did this; however not intentionally. But we are talking about all the negatives Proctor was sharing with all his buddies, but for me, the worst quote Proctor sent in an email was his reponse to the "homeowner" statement when he says "Nope, he's a Boston cop. If Proctor were not biased he would have knocked on Albert's door. Proctor is one of the bad guys now discrediting the entire department. He should be fired immediately, but I am sure they were most likely advised by counsel to wait at least until after the trial.

  9. You don't like Practor's behavior??? So he should have never thought she hit John? She should have thought how nice Karen is ?? How are investigators going to solve cases with an attitude of not suspecting on anyone ???? To me an investigator should go after who they think is guilty in an aggressive way just like he did. Karen is a complete Bitch for what she did , she deserves to go to hell, etc, etc, etc

  10. PROCTOR you are disgrace! You better pray :you, or your family never have any medical conditions you were making fun of Karen Read (guilt or not!!! ) How can you even think to make fun of it?????!

  11. Create narrative, choose your perpetrator, gather evidence, shoehorn the evidence into your created narrative, prosecute your chosen defendant, protect your friends.
    Alternatively, do some real police investigating. Or is that beyond him?

  12. At first I thought Karen guilty up until now now I am crying that I would think that .procter is a piece of you know what. How can he face his own family. What a creap . Karen love you and stay well go jackson 0:04 love you guys

  13. It is clear as the day that PROCTOR planted the taillight evidence . Especially when Sergeant Barros , absolutely saw only a cracked taillight when he went up to the car & 7 mins after Sergeant Barros stated the truth, PROCTOR got on the stand right after and committed perjury & lied & said at the time the taillight was broken in pieces!!!! He planted the evidence later on. Because mo one saw any taillight pieces whenbthey servhed earlier

  14. I’m no physics major but explain to me if you’re hit by the back of the car equal an opposite reaction if hit is by the back of the car, his body should’ve been in the street not in the yard so there

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