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Karen Read trial: Weighing forensics expert’s testimony on ‘Hos long to die in cold’ search

As the seventh week of the murder trial against Karen Read comes to a close, we look at testimony from a commonwealth witness about an infamous Google search.

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25 thoughts on “Karen Read trial: Weighing forensics expert’s testimony on ‘Hos long to die in cold’ search

  1. If she backed into him she deserves an Oscar for her performance acting dumb and putting all those families through interrogation. Shame on her. Drunk mad and vengeance. If she did it she should serve 30 years or life.

  2. People that work in code already know the truth and that is that that search did happen at or just before 2:27 a.m. but never hours later it's impossible. It's terrifying to me that some people actually believed that tech expert who never conclusively even stated that the search did not happen. Her scope was too limited. But what terrifies me is that people actually think that the FBI cell phone extraction could be wrong. It is unprecedented for any prosecutor to ever contest FBI cell phone extraction because celle brite is the gold standard. Just wait for the FBI to get up there and they will clear that search for everybody and people that work in tech and do code already know the answer, this search did happen at 2:27 a.m.

  3. Anybody that does code knows that that search happened at 2:27 a.m. Apple iPhone time stamps the time that you close the browser meaning that that search how long to die in the cold occurred at or just before 2:27 a.m. it could have never occurred hours later. People that do code or work in tech were screaming at the screen when they heard this nonsense. The FBI celle brite expert will clear all this up. For the state to actually contest FBI celle brite it is unprecedented and unheard of because it is the gold standard of forensic extraction. This expert clearly skirted over the question and was not allowed to answer directly whether or not the search occurred at 2:27 a.m. how long to die in the cold. Just wait for the FBI

  4. Weird how the search “absolutely did not” happen at 2:27, according to JM and the expert lady, who co-wrote her book that she referenced her info. And yet the exact words JM typed (not at 2:27) “Hos long to die in cold,” wasn’t repeated until at the third search. Not the 2nd search, that (“absolutely”) happened at ~6:43 but rather, “Hos long to die in cold,” wasn’t seen again until at the 3rd search, one minute later at ~6:44.

    So how did the first search jump behind the second search? The second search was written like this;

    “How long ti die in cikd”

    If there was only 2 searches, but 3 searches show, how was it that the 1st search magically jumped behind the 2nd search?

    According to the expert…The magic tab folder really only searched the 3rd time, but the 2nd search came 1st? Omg what a shit show

  5. Why didn't the crash reconstructionist provide an animated computer version of his testimony? His expert opinion doesn't cut it for me and I'm none the wiser how KR managed to hit O'Keefe in her vehicle.

  6. were all looking for something complete and concrete, and were not gonna find it except for the fact The Mcabes and Alberts are SO suspicious….. a police officer DIED and all they talk about is butt dials.

  7. Funny tge mcalberts so called friend had nothing stating how poor john was dead, nothing but reporting back to their circle= tell them the guy never came in.. butt dials, dig rehomed, basement redone, family house sold. You cant make this up.

  8. Uncommon opinion (perhaps). But the more I look at this, it appears the Albert’s are getting what they want. Hear me out 🤔 they are experienced with scandals. The brother bit a guy, the other took a life drink driving. So this is not new to them. They KNEW someone needed to be charged to have an appearance of justice. Now they’ve destroyed all evidence so if if Karen walks, they don’t care. Because they will not get prosecuted. So either way, they win. That’s why they remodeled the basement, rehomed the dog, sold the house, destroyed the phones and SIM cards. Because no one can test that carpet and see the loads of John’s blood. This coverup is shoddy. But they don’t care because it’s a win for them. Someone is on trial and it’s not from their clan. Meanwhile, they have no way to get bought to justice. so they win. 🧐😒

  9. so, computer tech saying,
    search (question is) typed in @ 2:?? but not (actually) searched until 6:??

    the diffence between
    search bar typed & (clicking) search bar for searching the answer to question…

    (also it deoends on settings)

    like auto~correct,
    predictive text, word/phase, auto~search & etc, inconjunction w/ if it's something the algor's
    recognize as her or other collected data of similarities speech pattern/s

    hos not how
    depending on setting may auto correct, give change to self correct & etc.

    those are what matters so she did type or spoke it in @ 2:?? search bar. periodt. just not conducted search…

    context, content
    wordplay matters
    🤦‍♀️ tricks…

  10. The amount of proven evidence in this case is overwhelming. So far the prosecution has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that:
    It was snowing.
    KR drives a Lexus SUV.
    The Canton PD has bad cameras.
    Proctor is incompetent.
    The McAlberts can't remember anything, delete a lot of stuff, and butt dial more than most.

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