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32 thoughts on “Karen Read trial: Stunning new testimony in contentious murder case dividing Boston and captivating

  1. That dog, that they conveniently got rid of, definitely attacked JK. Further, the cops inverted video of her vehicle because they worried it shows their claims about the tail light are untrue. Two of them destroyed their phones just before the subpoena. His injuries were consistent with a fight, not a massive SUV slamming into him. They were wasted. He went inside and someone pissed him off. They exchanged words and it got violent. He was hurt badly and either walked off, collapsing outside, or they carried him out there after realizing his skull fracture was fatal. They framed her.

  2. Parent dont let your kids become massachusetts cops,it make them stupid i mean man those guys are some kind of special stupid.must have done the covid online class

  3. Karen Read is innocent. Proctor, Lally and Higgins need to be fired. The Albert’s, McCabes, Proctor and Higgins need to be charged with Obstruction of Justice and Perjury. Unfortunately we will never know who killed John and Justice will never be done

  4. Officer John O'Keefe was NOT hit by a vehicle. Period.
    So unless y'all think Karen Brett him up and hit him in his head with a blunt object, and scratched his arm, she's innocent. Stop thinking with your feelings and/or wallets. Use your brain, at least this one time.

  5. COMMONWEALTH CLAIMS " Move it along, nothing to see here"
    Brial Albert ( his home where OKeefe was found), had the BALLS, like Jen McCabe to come to court today.
    I am outraged and disgusted all at the same time

  6. Anyone look at the new homicide charges for the pregnant girl first found to be deemed suicide as cause of death. Yesterday it was changed to homocide.
    Yup another Canton death investigation. This poor poor girl was groomed like a sex toy so three cops( two stoughton cops a d one abington cop) could abuse her for a few years.
    They disgust me

  7. Why queen latifa is hired to do a facial cream treatment commercial is just not a good choice. I see no beauty in her whatsoever.
    Halle she is a doll. Get her damnit

  8. Been following the court case only and not the background or outside info. If I were a juror I wouldn’t be able to find her guilty based on the case presented by both. I’m not suggesting a conspiracy rather the commonwealth didn’t prove their case to me beyond a reasonable doubt. The defense rested today. Closing arguments next week. This is the first news story I’ve seen about it.

  9. As morbid as it is, I would have liked to have seen the autopsy photos of John’s face. If it’s as obvious as the defense says, I wish we could see for ourselves the aftermath of the fight. I’m sure it doesn’t look like a car backed him over but I’d still like to see all the evidence

  10. I'm not a doctor or medical examiner; but from my many years in nursing those two blackeyes could be the result of a subdural hematoma; which he did suffer due to the head trauma. The blood flow could have occurred when he attempted to get up but was intoxicated and had head trauma.

  11. Omg the blizzard hadn't started yet. And shes innocent. The cops at the house party beat him and they're dog attacked him, then THEY put him out in the snow to die and EVEN googled how long would it take!!!
    The ONLY way this jury finds her guilty is if they're corrupt, too. i hope the cops haven't got to them somehow! They should've been sequestered and protected because if the rumours are true, at least one was threatened.

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