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Karen Read Trial Recaps – Trial Ends In Mistrial After Hung Jury



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50 thoughts on “Karen Read Trial Recaps – Trial Ends In Mistrial After Hung Jury

  1. @9-ish minutes yes I agree memories fade, but the truth doesn't change. The reality of faded memories should still have similarities years later if it is the truth. In a case like this you you think out side of medical reasons the memories would hold strong as the witnesses are in and out of court every few months.

  2. I’m guessing that the jurors who were going to vote guilty will probably be rather shocked that Proctor’s been fired. I bet that that will have them thinking twice.

  3. Story time:
    My dad was on the way home one night and saw a vehicle stopped in the median (it was a grassy median so not a high danger of being hit). The vehicle's engine was on fire and the driver was passed out. He is a mechanic and knew an engine fire is not immediately dangerous so he pulled the driver out and called emergency services. He had assumed that the driver was a drunk that passed out while driving. Turns out he was a diabetic who had a sugar crash.

  4. If you want a fair chance with EDB as a competition, don't pause the live stream. Some people just want to watch live, but with some commentary, so they look for alternatives. That's one of the reasons many jumped to Andrea and then stayed for Andrea.

  5. On replay crew, just gotta ask why no love for movie From the Hip? Judd Nelson, Elizabeth Perkins, and John Hurt as murderer defendant, plus the bunny rabbit incident, not to mention the book fort…what's not to love?

  6. I remember during the trial, there was talk of a charge to the jury about a missing witness? (Talking about Proctor then too as well as the ME) Would there be a world where they summon Proctor, but to save face, he doesn't testify in the next trial? So telling that he was canned within hours of the verdict..

    Edit* it is absolutely disgusting how it seems only one side of this case is handling everything. The threats, harassment and intimidation tactics? Real mature, people…

  7. I did not make it thru the Kori bit without crying. What a wonderful child and terrible loss. Poor Pixi, I can't imagine. I try to support her and her channel, can't imagine how she's surviving and just want to do what little i can to support but it tears me up.

  8. Your comment about the rain got me 😂
    No-one knows rain better than the British 😂 for a nice pretty little island it sucks that we can get all 4 seasons in a day and it can rain for months on end. Im in Wales and from September through April into May, it rained every. single. day. Every kind from grey sky dropping a slow style wet mist rain all the way to tropical style monsoon rain that floods towns.

  9. At 26 minutes, you don't need to over complicate things. It should be that if 12 Jurors have not reached a unanimous verdict, then the state has not met their burden for a prosecution. If the jury is split, that means that the state have not proved their case and therefore the judgement should be 'not proven'. In US law, you encompass 'not proven' into 'not guilty' (you don't have a not proven verdict like we do here in Scotland under Scots Law)., so effectively a 'not proven' verdict, is a not guilty' verdict. In Scotland, we have a jury of 15 people and a majority of 8 is required to convict. This removes pressure on any juror to drop their personal opinions and understanding of any case and allows them to vote 'not guilty', 'not proven' or 'guilty' and walk away knowing that they were true to themselves. The US system of requiring a unanimous verdict facilitates horrible pressures on individual members of a jury and really is not a system I would want here in Scotland whatsoever.

  10. I accidentally looked up the turtle because I thought it was gonna be a stuffed animal or some sort of figurine. Wtaf is wrong with people?

  11. so jenn McCade said on her 911 call that John was flipped over and that he got out of the car. So was John Mccade face down and did Je Mc see John get out of the car.But I think the defense is going to find out more.

  12. I liked the free movie on YouTube Bernie. It’s about a true story trial in a small Texas town with Jack Black and Matthew McCaugahey. Very humorous movie about a tragic incident and the perception of the small town residents.

  13. Personally, I think the removal of Proctor was because Lally said he was going to retail. I think this is the State’s/Governor’s office saying NO, we won’t do this again.

  14. I liked the free movie on YouTube Bernie. It’s about a true story trial in a small Texas town with Jack Black and Matthew McCaugahey. Very humorous movie about a tragic incident and the perception of the small town residents.

  15. First, I don't see how Proctor being removed is connected to the verdict. It almost seems like they are saying a mistrial is reason for removal…Secondly, how do you retry a case when the lead investigator has been relieved of duty? Reinforces the corruption.

  16. I deeply believe this case would not have been a hung trial if the defense’s suspects (proctor, Higgins, etc) had not been police officers. Biases on authority absolutely influenced this case.

  17. I’m sorry, I have a hard time with this Judge, she was so awful!! She was completely bias in this trial, she’s just not a good person , her demeanor is off!!

  18. Well, the governor was right, Proctor is a disgrace. And that's Massachusetts state police trooper Michael Proctor.

    He said get the F off his lawn to a reporter? His wife insists Karen Read is a murderer?

    Well Mrs Proctor your fine husband is a liar should be prosecuted for perjury.

    Maybe not lie on the stand? Just a suggestion.

  19. I disagree with your stance on waiting to discipline Trooper Proctor. It seems reasonable to me that if something comes out in a trial (generally speaking, not specifically this one) that may warrant such action against a witness, doing so during the same trial poses a risk of influencing the jury. Regardless of the rules against discussing the trial outside of the courtroom, something like that would be huge news that would likely make its way to some of the jurors. The prosecution or defense would not be able to address it in the current trial without more delays, preventing the jury from hearing both sides of the story from which to form an opinion.

    As for the jury itself in this case, i strongly suspect one or more of them are either part of that well connected inner circle, or simply have a mindset that law enforcement can do no wrong and their investigation will be 100% right regardless of what the evidence actually shows.

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