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42 thoughts on “Karen Read Trial Recaps: Day 26

  1. I don't drink, but if I gave testimony like Paul's, I'd go home and drink until I black out. Then I'd call for a new Hoover Max Pro and vanish.

    Bill Burr could play Trooper Paul imo. He's definitely somewhere in the cast. John's brother, maybe.

  2. Troopah Paul, the underestimation of displacement in a sideswipe collision can be accounted for by simply using the "lateral displacement formula" Surely he know this but i guess the pshysics conflicts with the narrative so he has to ignore it.

    assuming the SUV is going 24 mph, is 3, 311 pounds, Johns weighs 77 kilograms, and was sideswiped.

    using the sideways throw formular- The calculation is : Lateral Displacement (LD) = (V x sin(θ) x t) / (1 + (m_ped / m_veh))

    Given values:

    V = 10.73 m/s (SUV's speed, converted from 24 mph)

    θ = 90 degrees (perpendicular impact)

    t = 0.5 seconds (approximate duration of impact)

    m_ped = 77 kg (pedestrian's mass)

    m_veh = 1,502 kg (SUV's mass, converted from 3,311 pounds)


    LD = (10.73 m/s x sin(90°) x 0.5 s) / (1 + (77 kg / 1,502 kg))

    LD = (10.73 m/s x 1 x 0.5 s) / (1 + 0.0513)

    LD = 5.365 m / 1.0513

    LD ≈ 5.10 meters

    So, the estimated displacement is approx. 5.10 meters…

    This formula assumes a perfect sideswipe collision, where the vehicle's force is applied directly to the pedestrian's center of mass. Even so, the est. displacement is approx.. 5.10 meters.

    However, If we assume John was only struck on the forearm as trooper Paul suggest, the effective mass and moment arm would reduce the displacement even more. Furthermore, John's body would rotate and absorb some of the impact, reducing the linear displacement.

    Based on the principles of physics, a displacement of 30 meters is physically impossible. One could argue he might have crawled to his rest in his final moments, but we know John suffered a fatal head injury, even if he had a brief lucid interval before succumbing to his injuries there's no way he would have been able to move a whole 25 meters

  3. This trial has more paranormal activities than the twilight zone. Things, dog, body, jeep, tail lights keep disappearing and appearing.
    Sci fi channel should copy wright this trial. The series is already written, they just need actors.

  4. * In Mass you need 1,000 clock hours to get your certificate of completion, but then you have to take your state board (theory and practical), then every 2 years you have to take 4 hours of continuing education and pass that exam. I'm a stylist in FL, we require 1,200 hrs plus all of the aforementioned. There is A LOT of chemistry and math involved in cosmetology. It's not as easy as people may think.

    Sympathy for him??? 😂 GTFO of here! That man is a corrupt, lying, uneducated, grade 'A' idiot! You know who I have sympathy for? John O'keefe, his family and friends and Karen Read, who has very obviously been framed!

    ETA: it'd be so nice if you didn't stop the video literally every 5 words for commentary. I'm just over 40 min in and have seen about 6 min minutes of testimony. It's so difficult to listen to. So I'm giving up this video, and will listen to it without any commentary.

  5. I am here after the real experts testified. Now the experts had a report which they gave to Lally did Lally even let Paul look or read the report. Maybe he would have learned something. Now after comparing both testimonies one actually took a few classes and the others do there work for a living and like their job. The whole department culture is dishonesty badmouthing and changing evidence, its no wonder he is testifying like this. I really hope Karens parents have Insurance to cover this defense. Hopefully this will open up cases that have been a victim of this circus(I dont even know what to call this).because I think that Karen was not the first defendent but had no money to uncover this. Paul sounds like he found a case an just copied it on his report. I feel bad for him but maybe the DOJ will discover why he testified the way he did.

  6. He is scared because he is way under educated to be on that stand!! I am a math science major and have been laughing so hard at his testimony!!😂😂😂🙏💖🪶💞✨️💜🫶

  7. I’m still watching daily but I’ve mentally checked out since ‘didn’t quite match the pedestrian thing’ because sir what in the bright shiny fuck do you mean? Could’ve stopped the whole trial there and sent everyone home

  8. If cellebrate reports are really this difficult reading correctly. How many people are in jail because the report seemed to say that they searched something at a given time or something to that nature?

  9. Go ahead and get personal, Runkle. Sometimes that is the only appropriate and honest way to deal with people like Troopah Pawl. 
    People make me nuts with their misplaced and self-aggrandizing demands that we be "nice", or not make things "personal". I for one take it personally when I see this kind of evil disguised as mere incompetence.

  10. It's completely mind-boggling that such a high percentage of the LawTube audience, on whichever channel we find our main home, are so much angrier about John O'Keefe's death than the prosecution seems to be.

    I know both sides asked the judge to stop the trial, and the judge was disinclined to acquiesce to the request, but the defence is doing a decent job at putting up a proper case. Couldn't the prosecution at least pretend like they gave a shit?

  11. So the reason that no one noticed how bad he was at the grand jury id because a grand jury could indict a ham sandwich. So it doesn't matter if he's horrible. And honestly they're not looking for facts they're looking for a yes man. Someone who will say what they want and that's it. They got it. But they all look ridiculous and corrupt.

  12. "'And so I would be still, Sam, if I could. But don't be hard on me. What can I do? You know how I went for a Shirriff seven years ago, before any of this began. Gave me a chance of walking round the country and seeing folk, and hearing the news, and knowing where the good beer was. But now it's different.'

    'But you can give it up, stop Shirriffing, if it has stopped being a respectable job,' said Sam.

    'We're not allowed to,' said Robin.

    'If I hear not allowed much oftener,' said Sam, 'I'm going to get angry.'"

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