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Karen Read Trial: Jury asks for extended time

Still awaiting a decision in the Karen Read Murder trial. Friday morning, the jury told the judge they were deadlocked after three days of deliberating. Now, they ask for extended time.

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40 thoughts on “Karen Read Trial: Jury asks for extended time

  1. The jury not finding her not guilty is a prime example how the system doesn't work allowing some morons to be a deciding factor. Karen Read, being guilty of what the Commonwealth manufactured is as plausible as John O'Keefe, head butting her vehicle, leaping away 30 feet and biting his own arm as he laid dying in the snow.

  2. nothing more than rope a dope by the defense the evidence shows she hit him out of anger she admitted it and there is physical evidence to support it and she was drunk and angry read her texts.

  3. i can understand why she's doing this fight for your freedom! this is my theory her bf had beef with a guy their that guy had a dog will if the dog scenario plays out Okeefe was hurting the dude an the dog protected the master that is my theory they set her up in the process because they thought it was easy

  4. Someone on the jury either knows the Alberts or Higgins or even McCabe, and they're either supporting them or scared of them. This trial really need to be sequestered in a far away county

  5. JOHN O'KEEFE was ASSAULTED. The FBI EXPERTS debunked the prosecution's case. KR is NOT GUILTY. BTW – the McAlberts never went to John's funeral – very telling.

  6. It takes one heck of a good hearted stand up person, especially a single man without children to take on 2 kids. That just shows you what a great person John is. Yet someone did him dirty. Accident or not , be a stand up person and tell the truth. I can’t even deal. This story just breaks my heart so bad.

  7. All the evidence & witnesses in this case is sketchy. Hard to tell if she is guilty or if they are. I feel like something happened that we are never gonna find out. Sadly SOMEONE KNOWS. Please just tell someone so John O’Keefe and family can get justice. Otherwise when judgement day comes you’ll have someone bigger to answer to. How does anyone sleep at night knowing someone is dead and truth is being hid. DO WHATS RIGHT! Set yourself free.

  8. I hope all the true crime channels on YT really looks into the holdout and how they may or may not be friends or acquaintances with anyone on the prosecution side, Albert's, police dept etc. When this is all over. Just to be sure they're not a plant. This whole thing has been shifty and shady in regards to proctor and others. I have said from the beginning that I think Karen needs to stop with the smiling and smugness but there is so much reasonable doubt in this trial regardless. But it is a bad look for her in a murder trial and her attorneys should have stopped it from the very beginning. In fact she should know better. I think it was appropriate that the judge called her out on it. I'm glad there is an investigation going on into the police dept. I believe her to be innocent but there is such a thing as respect for the deceased.

  9. Jury if you’re reading, Karen Read is GUILTY, the evidence against her is overwhelming! This conspiracy / cover up theory is akin to saying the moon landings didn’t happen! The Defense are using bots to influence people who aren’t the brightest bulbs out there, let’s face it. KR left John out there, not once but twice as her GPS data clearly shows she returned to the scene of the crime. She is a cold, narcissistic woman leaving her bf of two years to die a painful death out there alone in the snow for 5 hours. She went straight into self preservation mode, leaving fake voicemails on his phone within minutes of leaving the crime scene saying “No one knows where you are” even
    though she hadn’t called anybody at this point to find out where he was! John was so close to getting out of this relationship, his niece & nephew testified to this, but the ultimate Karen just wouldn’t let him go. It’s not always just the women who suffer in relationships you know. GUILTY of Murder in the second degree, anything less will be a travesty of justice.

  10. There is allot of witnesses brought on because of the conspiracy theory of the defense, and tons of photographs, calls texts, voicemails, etc. The jury did not start until late on Tuesday, and left early Wednesday, and Thursday, so the extra 15 minutes today was nothing. It is good to review everything and take their time. If Karen was innocent, it would have been a slam dunk back on Tuesday, but that is not the case. She did drive drunk, she did operate a deadly weapon, she was the last with John at the scene where he was found by her, and backed up fast and hard. DNA is present on the tail light and hair on rear quarter panel only matched John and his biological mother. Guilty of all lesser charges would be appropriate. It was no murder, but vehicle manslaughter.

  11. Which one is paid off by whatever forces interested in covering their asses?

    Mishandled evidence, mass deleition of text messages, suspicious Google searches with unreliable time frames, inveeted videos, a lead investigator with less than professional ethics, Commonwealth timeline not lining up with evidence, and so on…

    So, again, I return to my 1st question. Who's getting paid to hang the jury?

  12. All of the relevant evidence proves that Karen Read is guilty. The rest of the circus was created by Karen Read to distract attention away from her heinous conduct

  13. I can’t imagine 1 juror finding Read guilty! Seriously deadlocked??? Are they brain dead?? Wow how could anyone vote to convict this woman not 1 eye witness and and all these lying sketchy witnesses 😮


  14. Judge not letting the jury do their job. Trying to unreasonably force them into a last-minute, knee-jerk decision. She’s awful.

  15. It gives me pause that there could even be one out of 12 people that think that she’s guilty….. I am afraid for our intelligence level as people…. In Massachusetts…. If someone thinks… she’s guilty…. That’s bad.. people are so dumb…. How on earth could anybody not quit after that whole debacle that just went on for the last two months…. I honestly feel like the prosecutions strategy was to just confuse everyone so much

  16. Most inefficient trial ever. Jury staying 15 minutes extra? Wow big effort!!! 🙄 Half days, off days, 6 hour deliberation days. What an awful effort from everyone involved. Embarrassing

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