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Karen Read Trial: Jurors came back with questions for the judge

Jurors came back on Wednesday with a few questions for the judge as defense attorneyโ€™s questioned the verdict sheets jurors are being asked to use. Ultimately, there is still no verdict in the case. 12 News Reporter Shiina LoSciuto is in Dedham with the story.

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47 thoughts on “Karen Read Trial: Jurors came back with questions for the judge

  1. In no way have the commin wealth proves anything besides their tiwn is corrupt as hell.

    If this woman is found guilty of any of the three charfes id be so shocked.

    Because you have to prove it..
    If somebody of jury thinks that she did it,
    There's no way shape or form have they proved it at all. The more they tried to prove it the more she looks innocent….

    So unless things have changed in this country, this woman is going to be cleared…..

    I mean you can't tell me at least one juror is not convinced that this is a cover-up because it screams cover-up. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  2. If she gets off it's because she's Female. If that was a Man hitting a Female Police officer who was breaking up with him it would be a different ball game.

  3. John O'Keefe is the Victim and Karen Read is the Killer. โš–๏ธโค๏ธโš–๏ธ
    Fans are out of perception here.The Fan Club was initiated by Daddy before the trial Started. SHAME ON ALL OF THEM.

  4. Not guilty!! The knowledgeable experts all agree John OKeef did not die from being hit by a car. Her car did not hit him. He was beaten and bit by a dog. Never should have been charged. True frame job with a judge who seems to be helping the commonwealth – itโ€™s crazy to watch.

  5. Anyone remember the coverup in deaths before the death of LACEY PACKER???? Cops let a drunk driver go 2 times with 2 deaths until he killed in NH and they ask NH to let him go.. Thats MA police at work. Covering for their own and family.

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