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Karen Read Trial – Hung Jury? Summary

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38 thoughts on “Karen Read Trial – Hung Jury? Summary

  1. Judge Cannone brother defended Chris Albert although he was convicted of murdering a college student

    The judge is called Auntie Bev by Albert family
    Judge Cannone repped a 16 year old who raped and murdered his baby cousin

  2. I’m from uk but watched every minute with Emily. I’m so disheartened, if I was a juror, even if I believed Karen had hit John, there’s no way I could say it was proved beyond a reasonable doubt. I hope we find out what the deal was with the excused jurors was, because this just doesn’t sit right with me. The verdict should be based on facts, and the cw just didn’t provide any.

  3. Boston Police. LOL 😂. Guaranteed it's a set up . Her deminor alone is a sign of her innocence. Something went wrong while they were drinking & she was the perfect scape goat especially since they were having problems. Having marital problems doesn't make her a killer.

  4. How could they possibly have another trial and find a new jury who could not find her not guilty after all the news coverage, inconsistent evidence and knowing the feds are looking at this and gave evidence to the defence 🤔

  5. “Disputed” evidence ?

    What is that ? I thought the key cycles was clear that the triggers could not have happened whike Kr had the car because of the missing key cycles – thought AJ showed on cross but their own witness would have belief

  6. Bev told them there are very complex issues to consider in this case. I disagree

    Hit by the Lexus driven by Karen or

    Not hit by the Lexus driven by Karen.

    If he was not hit by a motor vehicle she is Not Guilty on ALL 3 charges.

    Ask yourself which one of the 2 scenarios was proven beyond a reasonable doubt with moral certainty.

  7. I found out about ANOTHER Canton k1lling. The LEAD investigators were Proctor & Buckinick. Albert & 2 other Canton cops took the case. Evidence disappeared. Reports were "lost" the girl was pregnant by a married cop…. The married cop was the last person to see her alive. They DIDN'T DO DNA on the fetus to DETERMINE PATERNITY… The girl was from Stoughton, the town next door to Canton… Get this, the night of a BLIZZARD…. THIS WAS FEB 2021…THEY GROOMED THIS LITTLE GIRL & PASSED HER AROUND LIKE A PARTY FAVOR….

  8. “I think she did it” has no place in jury deliberations. It’s about the evidence presented or lack of. CW has not established beyond reasonable doubt that KR did it, period.

  9. I get all of that. But there are laws .. REASONABLE CERTAINTY !! If a human being doesn’t understand what that means. Not capable of understanding then they added someone with a mental disorder of some sort. That is very very clear. It’s not a hard Decision to made. There are many many different issues where there is a reasonable doubt ! You don’t have to be a scientist to understand that. EVERYONE one of you law tubers expected a reasonably short deliberation we heard them all. And thank goodness you did. Means you are sane lol but no this wasn’t what was expected so we should just “calm down” lol like some are now saying like you all couldn’t have thought like we all thought. Love you guys. But just because I don’t have a law degree, doesn’t mean I don’t understand what is going down. I currently work for what you would call in the states the CIA, but in Canada. Let’s just say .. I see things NO ONE SHOUKD SEE.
    I am fully aware of corruption on all levels of society, government, civilian, military etc. to be shocked about a verdict like this one means you are human. Nothing about this is ok !!
    Stay strong. It’s ok to not be ok with this ❤️❤️❤️

  10. I'm sorry, someone on the jury is bias or an extreme cop supporter. How else do you abandon all logic, reason, and commen sense to ignore both medial M.E. testimony, the biomechanical engineer's testimony and believe that you can be struck by a car, be propelled 30 ft and roll without bruising anywhere, ignore the testimony of a dog bite expert or discount the fact that the family re-homed their dog immediately after this happened. Someone on that jury either doesn't know what reasonable doubt is, or they vehemently want Karen Reed to go down for this. Shit is wild! Make it make sense!

  11. What was the prosecution's case? Utilizing the psychological effect defined by Joseph Goebbels as, "the illusion of truth effect/repetition effect," [keep repeating something, and (easily impressionable) people will eventually believe it's true, even when it isn't] and Lally repeated the ever changing story of the Irish Mafia's "[Did] I hit him[?]!," scenario. What did the defense present? An assessment of the evidence by professionals, but only for a day or two, no 30 days of repetition.
    Who'll win? Goebbels and the mafia, or facts?

  12. IF the majority are voting not guilty, surely that is beyond reasonable doubt… I can understand them needing unanimous for guilty, but not for NG 🤔

  13. The defense has emphasized Canton being its own insular, tight-knit community run by puppeteering police but then buried themselves under this same framework given they are talking to members of this very insular, tight-knit community. They weren’t preaching to the choir but talking down to and badly about it. In front of a global audience. And who was doing that? A “fancy” legal team, one of whom was brought in from another state, interrogating witnesses who love their tight-knit community so much that together they drive hours to honor a fallen cop, another searches the name of a local sports team when she should be asleep, and another returns to the office to help move some cars, on his own time, before the blizzard hits. Supposedly. The Canton folk are humble people who love their town, their kids, and they take care of each other. So much so that when their sister passes, they give up their single life to devote themselves fully to her children. They change jobs, addresses, and futures. And the community steps in to help. What they don’t do is drive fancy Lexus cars. Or have fancy degrees. They are proud to be who and what they are. And when a fancy Hollywood lawyer rolls in, questioning the good people of their community about their collective crookedness, their inexperience in their chosen fields, their associates degrees, their online degrees, degrees that don’t compare to the prestigious published experts from another state who are touted to know far more about data and common sense than they do, well, it isn’t as surprising that some people on that jury may just not believe them.

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