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Karen Read trial Day 35 | Mistrial declared — instant reaction and analysis

A mistrial was declared in the Karen Read case Monday, with the jury at an impasse and unable to find a verdict. Judge Beverly Cannone declared the mistrial at Norfolk Superior Court, leaving unresolved, for now, whether Read is guilty of second-degree murder, manslaughter while operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death.

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26 thoughts on “Karen Read trial Day 35 | Mistrial declared — instant reaction and analysis

  1. This is the Karen Read flavored Boston Tea Party – 50 years of Boston LE corruption is about to come to a reckoning. There will be NO retrial, there will be the mother of all invstigations into LE. If they can kill a cop, frame someone, they can certainly jury tamper, like the judge kept trying to do.

  2. The guy said “they will retry it in order to provide justice for the family.” That is assuming Karen did it. She didn’t, so that wouldn’t provide any justice if the murderer is not on trial.

  3. Feel bad for John O Keefe. He is the one who this is about. Karen Reade is a psycho Her dad funded this entire story telling/movie of a defense testimony. Such BS. Come on man.

  4. Paul O staring at tiny innocent Karen like a murderous psychopath speaks volumes, just shows what kind of people these are, not reasonable, not listening to scientific evidence, just unreasonable rage that is misdirected. If DA tries again – she will be found NOT GUILTY- They should go after the real responsible people for OJO’s death and it is not Karen‼️

  5. The problem is that the state tried to make it complicated to fit their narrative. The independent witnesses hired by "an entity" from ARCCA who both have PhD's testified that the damage to the Lexus and the damage to O'Keefe did not match. His injuries were not the result of a vehicle. Her damage was not the result of hitting a person. END OF STORY! You can't fit a square peg into a round hole!!!!!

  6. And to think this should have never gone to trial. Wow. I have to guess the jurors didn't get along… How aggravating! I could not have been a juror "arguing" with another juror about their lack of comprehension of the testimonies.

  7. Eventually we will all know who paid for certain jurors. There is no possible way they didn’t find reasonable doubt in the common wealth’s case. Even if you wanted to convict, you just simply can’t based on this trial.

  8. The lies this channel has spewed already is sickening! Saying the government has been gagged but now they can say things 😂What about Morrissey’s video and comments? The reporter just said that Yanetti was trying to drag this out(lie) but the judge shut that down immediately! What a joke and waste of time and resources to reporting the truth

  9. IDK whether Karen plowed down her boyfriend or not, but I DO know that she needs to tuck those lips in! I'm actually tired of seeing her smirk with pursed lips every single time the camera is on her! Sheesh!

  10. Yanetti said it all, " your invaluable support", yes all the TB crazies intimidating and harassing the witnesses and even some of the jury, I am sure they infiltrated some TB followers in the jury too. Karen is an evil, immature 45-year-old alcoholic, with severe mental issues, that can't control her emotions and rage. She was fighting John all day long the night he died, couldn't take the break up and the 9 drinks in 2 hrs, and her inability to control her rage made her to back up into John. Her heartless and inappropriate behavior in Court, in front of John's family, is despicable. She is guilty, and her smile will be frozen when the verdict comes as guilty in the next trial, that family deserves justice for John.

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