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Karen Read Trial Day 29 RECAP – The Defense Starts Out Strong? | LAWYER EXPLAINS

This is the Recap for Day 29 of the trial of MA v. Karen Read.

Primer Video on the Background of This Case:
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On the morning of January 29, 2022, John O’Keefe’s body was found on a snow plow in front of the home of fellow police officer Brian Albert. The night before, he had gone to a bar with his girlfriend, Karen Read, as well as some friends and acquaintances, including Brian. Not long after, Karen was charged with John’s murder, but her defense alleges that she is being framed by the group of people who met up at Brian’s home after the bar closed. Trial begins Tuesday, April 16, 2024 with jury selection.

0:00 Introduction
1:19 State’s Witness No. 68 – Dr. Irini Scordi-Bello (Medical Examiner)
7:24 Commonwealth Rests, Defense Moves to Dismiss
9:55 Defense Witness No. 1 – Brian “Lucky” Laughran (Snow Plow Driver)
16:19 Defense Witness No. 2 – Dr. Marie Russell (Expert Witness – Dog Bites)
19:58 Defense Witness No. 3 – Richard Green (Expert Witness – Digital Forensics)
31:55 What Do YOU Think?

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27 thoughts on “Karen Read Trial Day 29 RECAP – The Defense Starts Out Strong? | LAWYER EXPLAINS

  1. Huge difference when you have witnesses lying and being confrontational while trying to defend their narrative and then then witnesses who are being truthful and honrst come across polite and helping.

  2. I would've been lost on day one if it weren't for LegalBytes' analysis. During opening arguments it sounded at first like 3 couples were involved in the who, what, where and then all of the sudden it was somebody's cousins' boyfriend and some neighbors' kids and some other person's kid who was the godchild because the dad died. Then 2 adult couples were at a house, but wait it was actually 10 random people who didn't know each other, and before that the adults were at a bar, but something about somebody's uncles' pizza parlor and they had met at the waterfall, but it really all started in Aruba where siblings were vacationing but didn't see each other because they were on opposite sides of the island and some of the people in Aruba were at the waterfall. 

    How could anyone follow any of that? I would've been so frustrated if I were a juror. I need a diagram of who these 50 people are and a timeline on day one, then tell me what matters. Lally never did that, he just threw information, relevant or not, at the jury for 29 days. He has spent all this time throwing every strand of spaghetti he has at the wall and none of it is sticking. If I were a juror I would be so angry that I had spent over a month listening to all of this and there's no evidence of a motive, how he was hit, where he was hit or that he was even hit at all! They can't even prove that she hit him! Before this case started I thought they would be able to prove that and it would be a question of if it was accidental or intentional. But this is like looking for a smoking gun when there's no bullet. Unbelievable. 🤯

  3. I'm not sure whether this stood out to anyone else, but when asked whether she /felt/ pressured to deliver a certain finding, Dr. Scordi-Bello unequivocally answered that she didn't. When asked a hypothetical question to the effect of "What would you have done if someone tried to pressure you," her answer started with something like "I told them…," not "I would have told them…" So, the question was hypothetical, but the way she answered it wasn't hypothetical.

    I think most people believe Dr. Scordi-Bello testified honestly. I believe that, too. All of her answers make sense if she recognizes that MSP tried to pressure her, but she didn't feel pressured.

  4. I totally missed that Lally had tried to introduce that someone was looking for a lawyer as proof of guilt. If that arguement was allowed in cases, then everyone would be guilty of just showing up to court with a lawyer representing them.

  5. I think Lucky and Lally got their wires crossed, he looked down Fairview while going to another road to make sure he didn’t need to clear it again. He’s seen going back along Cedarcrest? at 6:10 by the troopers cam. He passed Fairview often but only made three passes I think.

  6. Twenty-seven what if questions per witness. Including the defense’s. I’d like to know how long he spoke compared to Ajax and Yanetti. Aww we’ll hopefully it’ll be over today with a logical, rational NG verdict. Let Mass fix their rotten apples.

  7. Just getting into this case today. Best clip was the first with the cheer from the crowd. From the little I know just watching the defendant Karen, today w last 3 witnesses, she's innocent and being vindicated. I know as I've been in her place.

  8. I think lally has seen the writing on the wall with this case. And the world has now seen how inept/unethical he is. Why try this in the first place, with such shoddy evidence.

    If the jury was able to be asked, did they clear a hurdle of enough to convict, they might have ended it now. Holycrap. So much of this comes back to fixating on the target of the investigation, and at best, accepting anything that confirmed this, must be true. I’d be mad if I lived in canton and paid the wages, and the cost of the case for this.

  9. I love this channel so much you are like our lawyer BFF , I adore your animals and the look in your face the first time you picked up n showed us the clear cat container with the kitty in it was absolutely precious and priceless. I think you are really someone special and I'm grateful I found your channel. I bet mr bytes is as handsome as you are stunningly beautiful and your babies are going to be absolutely gorgeous. Sending my love your way I hope you and baby are doing wonderfully

  10. When I first saw lucky loughran come up to the stand I was quite concerned and then he started speaking and I thought oh my goodness I'm really worried for this guy Lolly is going to be so mean to him and the cool part is is that he really held his own even with the basketball hoop thing I was so impressed with his testimony when he was done but the best part of all was absolutely when he said that God forbid any animals, I cried out with joy that he was such a kind person because it seems like there are a surprising number of kind people in Canton in spite of some of the ugliness that goes on. Of course that's everywhere but after watching the whole thing with Turtle Boy last night in Canton at CF McCarthy's when the entire family was harassing him and two of them assaulted him by snatching and hitting his phone out of his hand the best part is is that at the end when it was all over there was like the last half of the video was like the whole town of Canton showing up and waiting in this huge line and in the parking lot with all these people waiting to take pictures with turtle boy he was signing teenage boys chests and all kinds of stuff it was great there were so many people out there in support of him. It really said a lot

  11. I appreciate your recaps if not for your channel I would have trouble following this case. Btw I found your channel by searching for Karen Read case updates. I subscribed 😁

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