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Karen Read Trial Day 20 RECAP – Is the Surveillance Footage FLIPPED?? | LAWYER EXPLAINS

This is the Recap for Day 20 of the trial of MA v. Karen Read.

Primer Video on the Background of This Case:
Full Karen Read Playlist:

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On the morning of January 29, 2022, John O’Keefe’s body was found on a snow plow in front of the home of fellow police officer Brian Albert. The night before, he had gone to a bar with his girlfriend, Karen Read, as well as some friends and acquaintances, including Brian. Not long after, Karen was charged with John’s murder, but her defense alleges that she is being framed by the group of people who met up at Brian’s home after the bar closed. Trial begins Tuesday, April 16, 2024 with jury selection.

0:00 Introduction
1:09 State’s Witness No. 53 – Ashley Vaillier (MA State Police Crime Lab) (Cont’d)
7:05 State’s Witness No. 54 – Christina Hanley (MA State Police Crime Lab)
13:53 State’s Witness No. 55 – Sgt. Yuriy Bukhenik (MA State Police)
25:22 What Do YOU Think?

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31 thoughts on “Karen Read Trial Day 20 RECAP – Is the Surveillance Footage FLIPPED?? | LAWYER EXPLAINS

  1. My thoughts on the case are simple…

    Does a potential car collision imply fatal outcome necessarily? Even with liquor and cold involved. It's entirely Possible. But not necessarily.

    In other words, could she have been arguing and then left in an abrupt way which prompted attention from the domestic violence responding police friends? Is it further then possible that arguments continued after Read left which with the car trauma, fight trauma, liquor and cold led to death?

    And if all that were then true, does it necessarily exculpate Read? Nope. But conspiratorial prosecution seems highly unlikely since they are avoiding such allegations themselves.

    Did dude not handle his liquor and his friends decided they were not favorable friends since dude wasn't a fan of coke or whatever and Karen secretly was? So they got set up by paranoid coke railing partying cops that aren't going to sacrifice their careers over some toxic couple they don't even like that much so they sabotage them before anything happens?

  2. Does this type of 'policing and charging of innocent people surprise anyone? The supreme Court told them years ago they can lie to get a suspect to confess. They seem to forget all the words past THEY CAN LIE1 I will use a simple one='You know you were speeding.'It is said as a statement, not a question. Some these cops are so low IQ that badge gives them power.

  3. It makes me mad to see law enforcement get up on the stand and LIE under oath! Funny, the law allows them to lie to the “normal” person so of course they think they can do it in a court of law as long as it suites their narrative. I don’t have to be “trained” to tell when someone is lying, I have e teenagers and when they tell a lie they look just like them! All the classic “tells” the police try and use against us are clear as day on their own faces! All I’ve seen from the state so far is just a bunch of shameful behavior. They should be punished and held accountable for their actions as an example of what should, and will happen when your ego gets the best of you and you decide to cover up an obvious crime and blame an innocent person for it.

  4. Is perjury ever really punished? I feel like I have watched so many videos of people lying through their teeth under oath and never heard of them facing consequences.

  5. Unless you seen Karen drinking all those drinks iteans absolutely nothing! She could've been buying them for John or for a friend or anyone else. Also there are ppl who drop shots in water as it keeps you hydrated longer & waters down the shot. And none of that means karen hit John with a car or murdered him in any way! The prosecution is grasping at straws here not yo mention i guarantee the bulk of them in that group were wasted that night and drove as such!

  6. By now, it feels like the only possible way for the prosecution to conviction is if they, somehow, get the defendant to you can't handle the truth! right there in the courtroom.

    What an absolute 💩📺 and what a bunch of 🤡

  7. The fact that so much of this evidence was just ‘somewhere’????? Literally WEEKS before being given to the proper forensic people is just so bizarre…. If I didn’t know about how literally any of this other stuff was supposed to go as a just regular person juror, if NOTHING else had up to this point, THIS would make me lose almost all trust in the prosecutions case and this investigation as a whole

  8. I kept seeing court clips on my socials and was like, "The hell is all this stuff?" Naturally I looked for you because of your awesome recaps of the Heard v. Depp trial and you did not disappoint. Thanks for breaking these down so I can get caught up. You should consider teaching/running seminars on court breakdowns. I would not be surprised if I seen you on some of the major news outlets teaching some of us how these cases are being presented, ect. Keep it up!

  9. Bottom line. They DID not mention it in storefront examination that right there tells you they were PURPOSELY misleading the jury and the courtroom. If they weren’t they would have made that clear! Not left it for the defence to essentially figure out. Therein lies the problem, not mentioning it is directly misleading. The jury should be furious and everyone else. So if the defence didn’t catch it it would have been slipped in as the real
    Deal. That’s the point.

  10. John was a police officer, so wouldn't he be doing something illegal for a cop to allow someone who is drunk to drive them both in a vehicle? I highly doubt Katen was drunk.

  11. If CW had any sense at all he would end the trial and stop wasting the american tax-payers money. No matter what i thinks has happened he must know that KR has enough reasonable doubt for a couple of trials. It is horrifying that it is a possibility to put someone in prison with a trial like this.

  12. well i cant believe the police are honouring his memory by trying to frame his girl friend so then did they killed him and are trying to cover it up
    what corruption did he find out about !

  13. How is there ring footage of the suv being picked up by police but none from the accident? Was it from a house or something else that wasnt there at the time he was injured?

  14. Could the prosecution be leaving proctor for the defence to call because that way they have all the pieces of evidence that the defence have poked holes in out in the open so they have a better idea of what proctor needs to have a good excuse for such as the evidence not being tested for so long etc. I don't think it would work but could that be what they are trying to do?

  15. A cocktail glass falling on cement in a basement would make more sense than a glass breaking on grass or on impact with a car, depending on how the glass was spread.

  16. I’d love to be this diplomatic and impartial but I came in as a juror and had never heard of this case before and I can’t believe why evidence was handled in such an unprofessional manner. That video is deceptive and I am done with the prosecution. They are not for the people anymore .

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