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Karen Read Trial Day 15 RECAP – Jennifer McCabe Crumbles on Cross-Exam | LAWYER EXPLAINS

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This is the Recap for Day 15 of the trial of MA v. Karen Read.

Primer Video on the Background of This Case:
Full Karen Read Playlist:

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Day 15:

0:00 Introduction
0:50 Day 15 – Jackson’s Cross-Examination Strategy
6:00 Jen McCabe, Kerry Roberts, and Defense’s Theme on KR as the “Outsider”
21:29 Jen McCabe & Brian Higgins’ Jeep
28:36 Jen McCabe and Life 360’s Reliability
29:05 Jen McCabe & Chloe the German Shepherd
30:02 Jen McCabe & Seeing John O’Keefe When Looking at the SUV
37:32 Jen McCabe & Looking for John O’Keefe
38:19 Jen McCabe & The “I Hit Him” Statements
44:06 Jen McCabe & The 911 Call
45:59 Jen McCabe & Karen’s Screams
47:09 Jen McCabe & Calling Nicole Albert
47:49 Jen McCabe & Calling Brian Albert
48:03 Jen McCabe & Trooper Proctor’s Report on the Tail Light
48:20 Jen McCabe & Deleting Phone Calls to John O’Keefe
55:46 Thoughts on Jen McCabe’s Cross-Examination So Far
57:14 What Do YOU Think?

On the morning of January 29, 2022, John O’Keefe’s body was found on a snow plow in front of the home of fellow police officer Brian Albert. The night before, he had gone to a bar with his girlfriend, Karen Read, as well as some friends and acquaintances, including Brian. Not long after, Karen was charged with John’s murder, but her defense alleges that she is being framed by the group of people who met up at Brian’s home after the bar closed. Trial begins Tuesday, April 16, 2024 with jury selection.

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49 thoughts on “Karen Read Trial Day 15 RECAP – Jennifer McCabe Crumbles on Cross-Exam | LAWYER EXPLAINS

  1. Dude this is stupid!!! she googled How Slong does it take to die in the cold at 2:27 am and also deleted it !!!!she knew he was out there 😮😮😮😮 Karen is innocent !! The slip up is so funny she finally told ONE Truth that’s all she was capable of 😂😂😂😂😂😂 The Witch 🧙‍♀️ has been exposed!!!ll🎉🎉She wants to keep seeing the report CUZZZZZ The WITCH LIES so much she can’t remember!!!!!!

  2. Idk, I still hate the way the defence phrases his questions during cross. I get he's just doing his job but it really rubs me the wrong way. Feels very gaslight-y and manipulative, attributing intentions and 'context' to ppl's words when they clearly didn't mean it like that and not taking no for an answer. Idk, I watched other trials on this channel and didn't feel this way about the defence….

  3. Check Karen out during Jackson’s cross! She can barely look up at Jen. Looking very uncomfortable. Very different to the usual cocky arrogance, smiling she does. She knows that Jen is being truthful. So yes I don’t agree with your opinions here…there’s a lot of pressure being on the stand . Remembering

  4. Were you appeasing the FKR movement here? I thought Jen held her ground with Jackson. However he was very obviously trying to rattle her, trip her up. He did rattle her though. However I don’t think she came across as being this criminal mastermind. AJ is a performer…don’t put him on a pedestal. I’m sure most of the members of the jury were thinking in their heads in regards to AJ – Shut the F up! Unbelievable

  5. All the witnesses from the prosecution was very hostile towards Attorney Jackson. I wonder why? If the prosecution had the opportunity to come off the witness stand and slap the lips 💋 off of Attorney Jackson they would do it.

  6. Butt calls, does she has she got fingers up her A**. When a phone is not used for a reasonable amount of time it automatically turns off and as the lawyer said you need to open the phone to use it. Such bull rush.

  7. We don't know, but we do know that an arm with brutal dog bites/scratches is inconsistent with Jen's story. We also know his injuries otherwise DON'T fit a collision with a car. We also know Jen called his cell 7 times in a half hour… according to her… accidental butt dials … 7 of them… she just couldn't stop. My god. They were looking for his phone… it was knocked under the … during the fight. Someone hit him with a baton or made his head hit the ground hard enough to fracture his skull. He was close to dead… they hoped… so Jen asked Google how long it took to die of hypothermia… then, to try to cover her tracks she asked again in the morning, and attributed the searches to Karen…

    Okay those involved: You are going to jail… yes you… unless you're willing to come forward with the truth. Someone will… maybe even 7Jen McCabe… she's played you so far… Will she turn on you and you'll be the ones in prison?

  8. Why does Karen Read and the other 45+ year old women in this case regularly go out and get BLIND DRUNK (by their own admission). Surely there is something seriously wrong with 45+ year old people who regularly go out and get BLIND DRUNK. I see that behaviour as flaky, controlling, manipulative and abusive. They are 45+ year old people who have the emotional maturity of an 18 year old. My opinion is supported by their cringe worthy text messages.

  9. I'm watching this vid 3 weeks later & they still haven't presented any evidence that Karen did this. They haven't provided anything that justifies a 2nd degree murder charge either. At best, it was an accident & should be involuntary manslaughter. In fact, with every witness the prosecution's case gets weaker. I've never seen a case with so much incompatence. The investigation was mismanaged at every level.

  10. 36:20 – This has been my question and concern throughout the trial… With the several people coming & going all night, why didn't ANYONE see 6'2 John laying in the white snow? If he was there at the time they claim Karen hit him, it would be impossible for someone not to notice him. You couldn't leave that house without seeing him. The only way anyone could miss him is if it happened much later. That yard is not big enough to just overlook a guy that large on a white background. I will never buy that argument. If they were blackout drunk then their testimony and memory is questionable.

  11. I hope if Karen is found ng…that the FBI continues their investigation into the alberts,McCabe's,Higgins,cops and even the judicial system.if this case didn't go viral..Karen read would probably be spending most of her life behind bars.i think there is corruption every would be so refreshing to see the guilty parties pay for their crimes.especially if they feel the rules don't apply to them.

  12. I was so glad to hear you talk about how weak the prosecution's case is, because it confirmed what I, a non-lawyer layperson, have been thinking for a while. The prosecution's case is so flimsy, and the defense has done so well at introducing doubt; were I on this jury, I could not vote to convict. I also appreciate you calling out the fact that Karen was an "outsider" to the group, as I think that's key to the whole story.

    I walked into this case as agnostic as possible, ready to hear the evidence and make a decision. While I'm not 100% convinced that there was an organized conspiracy, it's clear that something shady was going on behind the scenes. The injuries on the victim and the physics of the situation simply don't align with the prosecution's story, and the various conversations and conflicting testimony from the witnesses indicate that there was at least some coordinated effort, however narrow or broad, to align stories and bury Karen Read.

    My guess is that O'Keefe got into a fight with someone while drinking (possibly several someones.) I also suspect that he was attacked by the dog at some point; I've seen dog bites and those injuries on his arm look strikingly similar. After the fight, O'Keefe either left or was thrown out of the house. No one realized the extent of his injuries or his intoxication, and he collapsed and froze to death in the yard. Only when Karen came back looking for him did they realize that he was outside and, by then, dead. They knew that they couldn't just dismiss it as an accident, but they were also committed to protecting the club. And Karen, as an outsider, was an easy patsy. Then, they pushed the prosecutor to press the harshest charges that he could, thinking that she would not be found guilty (which is why they upgraded from manslaughter to murder) but that the case would distract from the real culprits. I think they did this to sort of assuage their own consciences. Like, they'll kid themselves that "it won't be that bad, she'll just get a drunk driving charge and won't get convicted of murder."

    Of course, this is all wild speculation, and I haven't even gotten to the end of the trial. I'm hoping to see more forensic breakdown of the injuries and the scene of the crime at some point.

  13. Jenn comes across as that lady in my old neighborhood as kid who is the equivalent of today’s Karen/soccer mom/busybody/pain in the ARSE!!
    I really enjoy your channel and congratulations on your baby!!

  14. If the butt dials were innocent then why delete them? No, she was looking for his phone. They all know what happened to him. I also find it odd that “no one remembers anything” to something so traumatic. I call bull!

  15. Karen supposedly driving during a blinding snowstorm while having consumed alcohol and going miles and miles with no serious damage to the car seems implausible. Even sober driving in horrible weather is tough and avoided if possible. She should be driving NASCAR to navigate bad weather while not sober.

  16. Jennifer, you are not very smart! Your lies, ALL YOUR LIES, are told with such transparency that you continue to embarass yourself. Can you answer ANY question without lying? Just one?

  17. There is no way all those people missed a body laying there , this is craziness, they all seem sus, and so much detail remembered yet so much they can't recall , it's insane

  18. The way Jen McCabe responded to the interaction with rhe defense is absolutely insane. She absolutely knew she was there to be asked challenging questions and she wasn't able to keep her cool for a moment. It's like she's offended by the defense doing exactly what the defense is supposed to do. If this is how she acts in this situation I can only imagine how she treats the people in her life. There's no doubt that she is an S tier Karen, I bet the employees at the Starbucks near her house have stories.

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