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27 thoughts on “Karen Read trial analysis: What to make of O’Keefe home video

  1. Amber Heard never hit johnny Depp. She only said she did. Karen didn't mean what she said either. What's wrong wirh you people? Their both innocent!

  2. The. Cops are screwed because there is so much ridiculous stuff hoing in with the other cops that she will either be declared a mistrial or she'll win on appeal that it wasnt a fair rrial

  3. If I was a juror on this case, I’d be doing anything to get out of there. Maybe it’s the prosecution’s plan – to frustrate and bore them all so much that they find reasons to get released.

  4. All I got from this video is that the anchor & guest have become super close friends & he has been invited for family dinner 🤦‍♂️ The analysis was ordinary

  5. that was just a love tap,and if KR had hit him, she knew she had to justify a cracked tail light lens. But the idiot Proctor picked it apart and tainted all the evidence, whether she's guilty or not. But the jurors have to convict Jen McCabe of murder, or KR of drunk driving. I think they will convict KR of drunk driving, not Jen M of conspiracy to commit murder.

  6. This channel is biased beyond recognition. Shame on this channel. . Blocked and reported. Disgusting coverage. Karen is guilty . Abhorrent channel. Don’t follow this pathetic news channel . Bunch of 💯🤡🤡

  7. Peter is a moron . No snow came off , not even on the tyre. Peter is a stupid attorney, or a payed gun. He needs to retire asap. He can hardly see out of one eye., let alone two. He’s an embarrassment to the bar 🤡

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