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Karen Read: Proctor’s Text Messages Embarrass Prosecution – Lawyer LIVE

Did Karen Read murder her boyfriend John O’Keefe by mowing him down with her car —maybe even intentionally? Or is she being set up by a corrupt law enforcement officials trying to protect their own?

O’Keefe was found dead in the front yard of Boston police officer Brian Albert. Prosecutors say Karen dropped him off at a party at Albert’s house and then hit him with her car.

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30 thoughts on “Karen Read: Proctor’s Text Messages Embarrass Prosecution – Lawyer LIVE

  1. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, this pathetic little man would have shared found photos with everyone but his sister and wife. He's a despicable, deplorable human being – they were not jokes.

  2. Proctor should have caused this entire case to be DISMISSED… reasonable doubt any one??? If our Criminal Justice System works the way it is supposed to, that woman has to be acquitted…. OJ Simpson was guilty as sin, but 'if the glove don't fit you must acquit!!!' This woman is at this point a victim of disgusting corruption. I say this as a New England born and bred.. I am disgusted.

  3. It was Officer De Chico who left the note about seeing the headlights at 12:41 in the ring camera footage at Officer O'Keefe's house, presumably Karen Reed returning, not Officer Bukinick that made the sticky.

  4. To me, they are manipulating those videos because there’s no way that the Bay video would have such poor quality, especially the one pointing directly at the area of suspicion. A lot of fishy business going on there.

  5. Proctor’s behavior is disgusting, despicable, and deplorable. The fact that his superiors are fine with his behavior is a sure sign that this behavior is rampant among most of his colleagues. It is not only tolerated, it is encouraged.

    He most definitely would have passed the nudes around if he found them. I am sure there are photos of other women, taken from suspects' phones, that make the rounds regularly. That whole force needs a kick in the ass about professionalism and decorum.

    What is truly sad is that in all of the circus, this case has become, the death of John O’Keefe is overlooked. Even more sad than that is that either through sheer incompetence or a concerted effort to cover up for the real culprit, justice for the victim's family is a near impossibility.

    I will be truly shocked if this jury convicts Karen Read. At times even DA Lally comes across as someone else who can’t believe that this case made it past a Grand Jury seeking a murder conviction. They still would have had a serious uphill battle, but they should have charged KR with manslaughter.

    I don't live in the area and I deliberately avoided media coverage of this case because I wanted to watch it unfold as presented to the jury. I am trying to be as unbiased as possible. What, if any, evidence has been presented that makes me think Karen Read committed murder? Zero point zero.

    Thanks for all of the awesome videos that you put together for us! 😊

  6. Im also a female, just fyi, ppl on the tube (comment sections) always assume that I'm a man. I think that is bc i often agree with and have a more 'masculine' pov. I HAVE mostly worked in male dominate fields and all that to say ….
    Im SO SURPRISED that everyone is SO SURPRISED at the way these men are talking about this female defendant. While they should NOT, I still and always have, heard a ton of these guys 'joke' like this in the work setting.

  7. The time stamp should have been inverted as well. They took two different camera videos and merged them into one! the mirrored video showing the backwards words was merged onto the original that also has the time stamp that would not be backwards so 2 different videos merged into one video!

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