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23 thoughts on “Karen Read murder trial witness Allie McCabe breaks down crying on stand: “A lot of harassment”

  1. Oh wow that should be in the Guinness book of world records for the shortest NO tears fake cry EVER!! Wow!!! 😂 and the fastest response to try and distract the jury from hearing her say Colon wasn’t in the house while John was there!! EPIC FAIL 💥❗️

  2. I’ve never ever heard anyone ask “can I have a moment please” testifying on the witness stand when legitimately crying, the judge will stop questioning and ask “do you need a moment” major major deflecting move there girly girl. Jen McCabe is mother of the year.

  3. The whole family act like they didn’t bring this all on themselves. It’s absolutely disgusting…the McCabe and Alberts are not the victims here!

  4. She's crying because she is going to be in trouble from her own family for saying John was in the house when the rest of the family denied John was inside the house. This entire town is being painted as accomplices to a good man's demise!

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