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11 thoughts on “Karen Read murder trial testimony focuses on evidence found at Canton scene

  1. Strange how the tailight lens isnt broken at all & the officer that was with it while being loaded on the flatbed even said it was only cracked when he looked at it at her fathers house. You can clearly see in the Ring video that the lens is complete. Who do they think theyer fooling?

  2. I know it’s the defense teams job to prove little miss can’t be wrong innocent but she’s guilty!! Do people think the police beat John ,killed him with a home full of witnesses ,took him out to die in the snow and had some rear light pieces to plant on the ground??? Turtle boy and Nick will never want to talk about this case again after she’s convicted…she’ll be convicted..JUSTICE for John and his family.

  3. This goes out to EVERY moderate Democrat & Liberal, what happen to your voice? We've watched the Radical Left Democrats STEAL your voice, from Bernie Sanders, Andrew Yang, J.F.K. jr. and now Dean Phillips using the D.N.C. to clear the Primary's and Install who they Chose, stripping the Choice and Hopes from you.
    If President Trump doesn't Stop this Runaway Regime of Biden and the Radical Left, you, me and OUR kids will never have a Hope or a Political Party to counter what's headed our way. All I can say is, LOOK at what they've done to America in the Last 3 years.
    God Bless us All, Amen!

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