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Karen Read Murder Trial Explained | Jessica Benson Show

Jess and Bennett talk through the shocking Karen Read murder trial. They give a rundown of everything you need to know and then talk about their own ideas of what might have happened on that fateful night in Boston.

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45 thoughts on “Karen Read Murder Trial Explained | Jessica Benson Show

  1. I’m surprised that the time of McCabe doing that web search – 2:30am or 6:30am – is such a big deal. So what if she did it at 6:30am? Maybe she wanted to confirm John would definitely be dead by the time she and Read got there.

  2. The investigations medical records should have been able to tell if those injuries were dog bites, why did they take DNA for saliva to prove it was from the Home owners Dog . The Dog attacked John during a fight in the House. Police Cover up 100% .

  3. Thanks for the overview because I've just heard bits and pieces and remember it being reported on when it happened but not the details of the trial. Stay Blessed 🙏

  4. I get a kick out of how many doofusses believe this family of criminal cops who have lied since this started. This is a complete frame up by a corrupt town full of corrupt cops, judge and town council. The car manufacturer said it is impossible for the taillight to be broken by hitting a human. There is a ring camera showing the taillight intact when she got home. The FBI testified hitting a person could not have broken the taillight. The taillight was broken by the police when they got her Lexus to the sally port.

  5. Remember that dumbass Trooper Paul the “accident reconstruction guy with absolutely no education about physics, said the tail light hit his arm and the tail light pieces shredded his arm. That the smooth intact tail light shatters upon impact of only his arm and as it shattered, it somehow came back in pieces and made all those cuts on his arm. That trooper no other part of his body was hit… only his arm, and he said that’s why no broken bones or other injuries. I think they said the glass broke and cut his eye. Which is really where Higgins punched him and split his eye open. Anyway, he died in the basement, the dog attacked him because he was fight back with dogs owner, someone clocked him with a dumbbell or weight bar, he was then unconscious. They cleaned up, left him in the basement until they knew the plows were scheduled to be out, around 2 am. Parked their ford edge in the front for a few minutes while they brought him up through the basement door that leads out to the back yard. Carried him in a straight line from the gate of the fence to the front yard by the road and their flagpole. They had to end up actually taking him out there after the plowing started because the snow plow driver said he saw the ford edge parked there when he was plowing side roads and looked down their road as he was monitoring when to come off the side roads and plow Fairview again. Anyway, I believe their intent was to leave him out there between plow passes and hopefully (in their minds) JO would be violently struck by the snow plow and it would be ruled an accident that she dropped him off and left and he never made it into the house. When Karen called evil Jen McCabe early that morning, frantic, Jen is the one who said they had to get over to Fairview and look for him. After they all realized a plow never struck him, they had Karen to blame. The comments about her saying she hit him never came until after the state grand jury and I don’t remember if she even said it in the federal grand jury that the DOJ had because they were investigating the states attorney at the time Morrissey and trooper proctor. Anyway, Jen made that up shortly before the actual trial started and Jen convinced her friend who was an EMT on the scene lie and say that she hear her say that too. Either one reported that ever to any police or grand jury before. Shady MF’s deserve and the shit that reigns down on them.

  6. Brian Albert jr said he saw a tall man with dark hair in his house. He slipped up and at that exact moment you could see it on his face that he effed up. Then he said he didn’t know him. No one else said anything about a tall dark haired man being there. Everyone else said he never came in the house. Of course they are alllllllll despicable lying human garbage.

  7. It’s not a conspiracy when the facts are theee why is it a conspiracy when Jen McCabe googled how long to die in cold at 227 n buttdials n deleted calls messages n searches like come on it’s not a conspiracy when it’s probable

  8. 2:52 Chris Albert and his wife were NOT at the house where John was found dead, so #1 point wrong. #2 Point wrong is that 2 cops DID go inside the house once scene cleared of body #3 There were NOT all still in the house together when body found (just the one couple). Even so, some witnesses to the party itself were questioned independently #4 Neighbor ring camera never worked. It was car camera and cop car camera that showed when body was found…. Forget it…Only 4 minutes in and all these wrong details…maybe I'll come back, but I'm out of here for now.

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