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Karen Read Murder Trial Conspiracy Police K9 Expert Weighs In

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41 thoughts on “Karen Read Murder Trial Conspiracy Police K9 Expert Weighs In

  1. I think she backed into the fire hydrant at 12:30ish when she was turning around & lost several pieces of taillight there (which Jen or Matt saw). Then, Proctor broke it even more so he'd have additional pieces to scatter & 'discover'..

  2. I canโ€™t help but wonder how a juror/s couldnโ€™t come up with a verdict in this clear cut case. Could it be theyโ€™re associates of some of the cops in this case or live in the area and are worried about repercussions? I just donโ€™t understand how anyone couldnโ€™t see the massive cover up here – you donโ€™t even need to have a high IQ to see what went on here. Karen is not guilty and any member of the general public can see that yet they end up with a miss trial. Mind blowing!

  3. All of the Police, Detectives, Judge are all corrupt!!! It was mentioned that JOK was investigating Collin Albert for drugs and all of the cops n detectives there in that house that night set JOK up to teach him to keep his mouth shut and during the fight he hit his head and it was bad, so they placed JOK outside to die.

  4. They are all covering for I believe Collin Albert, who I think he got in an altercation with and his Dad Brain Albert jump in and was fighting with JOK and the dog started attacking. The JOK fell and hit his head and was knocked out. Make Collin Albert take a lie detector test.

  5. It gets crazier when you find out that Brian Albert and another officer in the house were involved in the newly reclassified murder of Sandra Birchmore. The pregnant girlfriend of an officer that was groomed by 3 officers as a young teen. She lived in Canton. It was switched from suicide to homicide the day the jury began deliberating. I believe they were all protecting each other and now the feds have come in and uncovered it all. Favors being done to cover up their own crimes?

  6. So sad … officer O'Keefe's own brother can't see/accept the TRUTH regarding his brother's cause and manner of death. And, most of the jurors fell asleep during trial testimony and/or BLATANTLY IGNORED their lawful civic duties as evidenced by their individual conclusion(s) made.


    Charges: Murder via hit and run outside (at drop off)

    Evidence presented: Dog Bites / party JO attended INSIDE THE HOME had K-9 dogs

    Evidence presented: Head injuries consistent with a bad/fatal "fall" from an elevated height (aka … stairs, tree, mountain, bridge, ladder etc)

    Medical Examiner: Death Undetermined (when officers pushed/presented hit and run theory but not a fight/fall theory) AKA … didn't fall for BS or lack of evidence

    Evidence: O'Keefe's cell phone data – 1 ping inside/2nd floor (potential for an elevated fall inside the house). But, I digress.

    Evidence: No evidence presented to PROVE or show that O'Keefe was hit by a car or fatally or by which car.
    3:00am car a mystery. And, driver NOT identified.

    Evidence: NO BODY on front lawn seen by 2:30am. At, 3:30am less clear; view blocked where /near O'Keefe "found" by a parked car), but NO BODY seen. Bright lights used. Observant driver looking for pets. Thus, NO DOG seen in front yard as well. Body "found" an ~hour later.

    Official Time of Death … Never determined. Medical Examiner waiting perhaps on more/all evidence as temperatures outside were freezing (below freezing). There was a blizzard. AKA – rigor mortis & "frozen" potentially at play. And, potentially a disguised time/location of death … easy to manipulate … if done. (?)

    Perhaps some more than others … but, where's the investigation into the OTHER suspects?! Non existant.

    Evidence: Tampering of evidence by LE or CSI of tail light (aka NOT broken during the time of an "alleged" accident … intact for hours & hours after drop off time and later; including when Officer O'Keefe discovered. Witnessed/Reported INTACT and by an officer.)

    Evidence: What else might LE / CSI tamper with? Especially, if the officers should have been investigated AND CHARGED for the potential MURDER and/or COVERED UP NON REPORTED DEATH of officer O'Keefe. (And not by Karen Read)?๐Ÿค” Jurors don't have to prove or make a decision on, but any reasonable AWAKE/ALERT person … would realize IN THIS CASE … they MUST ask themselves that question. Non distbutable Evidence all points toward INSIDE the home with the officers inside – and a DOG encounter AND, NOT towards KR, or her vehicle or any alleged (fatal) "accident". (Manipulated evidence could have pointed at KR at best.) It's the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM (and why FBI are investigating officers et al… and NOT Karen Read). <<– Now, understood. Got it. ๐Ÿ‘

    Dear Jurors … You can PHYSICALLY SEE the DOG bites on the victim's arms … (does O'Keefe have a dog?)

    AND, Reasonable Doubt or Not Guilty never occurs to You? Wow?! (You STILL aren't asking yourselves why the officers weren't charged in O'Keefe's death or at least SUSPECTS in his death? With LE officers having a much higher burden to prove THEY weren't aware or involved than compared to KR who admits dropping JO off INTACT and walking upright to the house). <<– Nothing shown or PROVING she didn't do exactly that as well.

    Deaf / Dumb/ Blind

    So, How and When did officer I'Keefe obtain these recent/new dog bites? So, you ASSUMED O'Keefe showed up to the party with dog bites and dog/pig saliva on his arms? (Not sure as a juror you're allowed to assume and/or instructed NOT o ASSUME that far and wide … by legal obligation.) But, seems some didn't follow the law or DON'T UNDERSTAND them.

    Order of Operation People. It's not Rocket Science.
    Arrives to party, dropped off, seen walking towards house, driver leaves. Hours later found deceased WITH DOG BITES .. (that weren't there before arriving according to testimony by experts trained in knowing)? Y/N? Home owner of party owns K-9's.

    Homeowner ALLEGES (but refused to prove … by CSI collection) … O'Keefe didn't come inside (his) home the night of the party.

    So, which of his neighbors close by owns dogs?
    And, 'on the loose' during a blizzard?
    Jumped a fence? Attacked before ever reaching front door?

    OKeefe is bitten by a dog – at some point. When?
    AND, allegedly dies 'AFTER' dropped off (by KR). No? Per officers at party. No allegations arrived deceased.
    (A Broken drinking glass also conveniently "found".)
    Do officers have knowledge? Do they know-know there would need to be an "accident" to blame KR? (Okay.) But, then why was it ASSUMED/DECIDED where/how accident occurred? Before arriving to party OR at drop off location. Did KR arrive, park oddly far away and back up "fast" for a reason? Or, do officers at the party know-know that DID NOT happen prior to arriving (don't suggest or look) because/if O'Keefe WAS in the house and KR would know-know they're full of it and lying … if O'Keefe was alive and texting for directions enroute.

    No cause/manner of death established.
    No confirmed Time of Death established.

    But, JO allegedly "never" went inside. Wasn't seen. Couldn't find (him). We looked/texted (him) even.
    Mmm … okay. Sure. (You're all suspects TOO!)

    And, oops… John O'Keefe's cell data … ALSO says differently. Inside. Upstairs.

    And, still officers/CSI felt compelled to tamper with evidence … break a tail light … INSTEAD of determining WHEN, WHERE, HOW, WHY, WHAT happened to John O'Keefe.

    And, if someone/group tampered with a tail light … would they move or relocate a deceased body? Plausible.

    Was there a murder OR accident inside the home?
    TBD … To Be Determined

    But, not really … if PURPOSEFULLY/WILLFULLY and knowingly arresting the WRONG suspect. Did that happen? Unknown.

    The Perfect Concealment … of what REALLY happened. (?) Possible – Y. Plausible? Normally, no but here?

    Arrest the/a (2nd victim) … lured back to the scene.
    Awful … pure evil … if the officers & investigators all knew … ahead of time –>> that Karen wasn't even there when O'Keefe died.

    And, worse FAILED to show/gather any PROOF she was. STILL. (And, still made the arrest. Illegal arrest.)

    2nd chance to get it … right.

    Where did the dog bites come from? When?
    Does officer O'Keefe even have a dog?

    Karen Read 'seems' awfully upset and convinced O'Keefe is cheating on her because he WON'T ANSWER or pick up his phone! Like a woman who has NO IDEA … he's deceased. <<– That too. (?) Plausible she would/could react this way … if not picking up the phone and in no way PRESUMING murdered … by "friends".

    Thankfully, O'Keefe may have never heard Karen's last words. And, then only maybe. No actual time of death.

    Brother needs to take a deep breath, calm down.
    And, make a decision to find out how O'Keefe really died. And, when?!

    If JO has his own dog (potentially bitten prior to arriving) … if ALSO ASSUMING/PRESUMING officer JO never got out of Read's vehicle on his own up right … then cell data inside the house … IS STILL A CONCERN. Still can't assume a "fluke" with cell data. Still can't assume no fight or no accident inside the home; dog bites before or after. Unfortunately/ Fortunately.

    But, what we can do … is ask what dogs O'Keefe had access to and when.

    And, no one suggested O'Keefe was bitten prior to arriving. So .. He has no dogs? IDK

    But, no one acting as if he does. So?
    Is/Was there a problem with jurors? Juror tampering.
    Are they afraid/threatened by LE that could be involved? Related to? Friends with?

    By Law … the verdict reached/decided should have been "not guilty". (No proven at all or at a minimum not proven above REASONABLE doubt.)

    Very strange verdict … given prosecutors did poorly, investigatirs did worse and defense did a much better job.

    Worse… the case should have never gone to trial. (Regardless of how someone feels about the arrest?)

    Or, at least not yet … no prosecutor / judge should have EVER allowed this case to move forward with the lack of evidence against KR (plus overwhelming evidence against cops at the party). At best was still an ongoing investigation with OTHER suspects. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ… And, Judge/Defense shouldn't have allowed manipulated/broken chain of custody evidence in to begin with. But, allowed.) And, then the crime scene / traffic expert … couldn't prove with SCIENCE/MATH the claims made and charges brought against KR. Oh, Jesus.

    Thankfully … FBI senses a real problem.
    Before, During, After … To be determined.

    Perhaps odd … police officers didn't recognize… dog bite marks … AND … failed to search inside home of dog owner with deceased person on his lawn … that was enroute walking to his party. According to the homeowner and other officers inside the home.

    Text messages about directions (presumed by O'Keefe)
    Plus vs Later … Dog bites ~ 4:00am-5:00am

    And, ODD texts and Google searches by inside officer
    Stairs, Dogs, cell data ping – Circumstantial evidence

    Wounds sustained/ Medical Examiner suggested get more evidence for cause and manner of death

  7. You might tell your friends to stop showing photos of the people who were bit. The Lead Investigator for the Read Case, was just relieved of his duties, lost his gun and badge, stripped of his authority as an Officer and not allowed to work as an Officer. One of the reasons for this was info shared from Read's phone. The police and fire people who responded to Kobe Bryant's helicopter crash also took photos and showed friends and it cost the City, County governments MILLIONS of dollars. It's unprofessional and can determine whether charges are filed or a trial is lost or hung as a result of these actions. I am a retired Lead Investigator for a State in the Midwest, 20 years experience.

  8. No, the feds didn't find Mrs Russell. She reached out to someone in a DA's office in California who helped her contact the defense for Karen Read.

  9. Dr. Russell was not hired by the Feds. She contacted a lawyer that knows Jackson in LA.
    She contacted the lawyer in CA. HE contacted Jackson. Jackson contacted her.
    The two fellows at the end who did the science on the car were hired by the Feds.

  10. Iโ€™ve been bitten by a GSD who I was fostering. Not nearly as seriously as this, but my bite marks looked very much like these patterns. On my hand there were upper and lower teeth punctures, but on my upper arm it looked either like puncture from only the upper teeth only, or even just lacerations that didnโ€™t puncture as his teeth basically just scraped over me rather than sinking in.

  11. Only just found this video, been following the KR case since about halfway through.
    I started out very neutral but as time went on I just cannot believe he was hit by a car. There were NO injuries below his neck apart from his arm and 1 tiny abrasion on his knee. As a trained first aider (who has taught first aid courses) the lack of injuries doesn't make any sense. If he had been hit by an suv travelling in reverse at 24.2mph (as the prosecution claim) the tail light would have hit his torso, damaging his pelvis and stomach, the bumper would have hit his legs causing bruising and possibly even fractures and breaks, if he had been thrown by the car any distance his body would have first bent towards the body of the car and he would have landed then slid causing abrasions (grazes, road rash).
    Now animal bites are a totally different thing…..anything with canine teeth will cause lacerations, tears and rips, maybe puncture wounds. I have been bitten by cats, dogs, horses, rodents and even birds.
    Horses leave major bruising as their teeth are generally broad and flat (unless they are worn and not looked after in which case there may be sharp points but that is generally towards the back of the mouth). Rodents have a very distinct bite mark 4 very sharp teeth at the front of the mouth and they generally hold on. Cats and dogs cause wounds that look very much like the ones seen on JOK's arm. They don't always leave marks with their lower teeth, i was bitten by a border collie as it ran at me, it bit my leg leaving just one single laceration through my jeans. If a dog jumps to bite it usually will use claws to hold and steady its purchase on the item it is biting at. The wounds on JOK's arm definitely look like a dog has jumped scratched whilst trying to hold with its claws but not had a strong bite hold, just sort of almost deeply scraped its teeth over the arm.
    I really wish the defense had had you as an expert witness showing some of these pictures as evidence of how the wounds may have actually been caused by a dog biting and NOT by being hit by a car.
    Maybe they will call you for the retrial seeing as its now been declared a mistrial lol

  12. I was a police officer for 25 years retired 2016 have testified in vehicular homicide a few times in fact one of my cases was the first triple vehicular homicide case my country ever convicted. The Accident Reconstruction Trooper was the worst I have ever seen. He was actually an embarrassment. I hate to side against police, but this case was not only the worst investigation I have seen but also has a bad smell of corruption. The DA says he's going to try this again I think is a huge mistake. We have multiple areas or "REASONABLE DOUBT" why waste the states money. I 'm hoping the fed investigation sheds some light, but can't say I have a lot of hope of that happening. Sad for the officers family who I think may never get any answers in this case.

  13. Future cases? SAFE in Florida? They have made some Huge busts there. I would assume dogs were used in the SWAT missions. They're following the distribution from the street to the cartel's. Be careful if you do. These snake dealers slither and bite everyone they can from the elderly to infants ๐Ÿซฃ

  14. Thank You for the information. Doesn't surprise me that you want to share your knowledge when such an appearance of Miscarriage of Justice is being perpetrated! As, I believe, is happening in Canton MASS.
    The Heroes of our trained canines, their trainers, and their handlers cannot be Celebrated Enough! We Appreciate each and Everyone of you! Thank You for your Service to our country and families that are protected Globally by these Amazing Animals we have been blessed to have in our livesโฃ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿซถ๐Ÿ’œ

  15. I do not understand why everyone keeps thinking these are dog bites. Conspiracy theorists have now moved into the court of law world, instead of making up end of times stuff. I guess this dog had no bottom teeth at all? only marks on one side of the arm. Has no one actually thought about that? Our country is doomed with this nonsense. just my opinion

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