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Karen Read Jury: We Are Deadlocked (Day 34 Recap)

Day 34: In their fourth day of deliberations, the jury tells the judge they’ve “exhausted review of the evidence” and say they cannot reach a unanimous verdict.

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41 thoughts on “Karen Read Jury: We Are Deadlocked (Day 34 Recap)

  1. Defense wasn't cocky, they spoke dead on. They had 60 sum with different stories and scenarios and 4 Defense catching them in the lie. Your guests should talk both sides. If we want bias, we would watch other podcasts.

  2. The problem with most prosecution is they believe in theory, fight for it because they want a conviction, and that’s fine if it’s beyond reasonable doubt.
    Im not really familiar with this case, is there a motive that pins down the accused?

  3. Jackson looks like an oompa loomoa. Your crazy conspiracy didn’t work. What’s your next magic trick Jackson ? Intimidating? Threatening witnesses. ? Send yanetti to meet people at schools and scare kids? What’s the next low life action ? As for demon Karen. The fire will be hot.

  4. You morons are shameless with your conspiracy bs. Let me see if I've got this right. All law enforcement in Massachusetts  is corrupt and lies. All emergency service personnel are corrupt and lies,. The judge is corrupt and lies. All witnesses for the prosecution including experts  and children are corrupt and lie. All John O'Keefe's friends are corrupt and lie. The jurors who don't buy the conspiracy are corrupt and lie. Now you have hit the lowest of lowest standards by insinuating that John O'Keefe's family are corrupt or evil??
    You morons are as bad as the vile , narcissistic, self obsessed, unhinged whackjob that killed John O'keefe with its car. You are even lower than the opportunistic, talentless little Leprechaun who exploited your gullibility in presnting the defense case. They and you have ruined the life of many innocent people. All this because Americans will always buy a conspiracy theory.

  5. My heart breaks for Mrs O Keefe. Watching Karen Read break into a huge smile at the hung jury verdict, behaving like this is a victory and smiling at the camera with jubilation. I was Watching as she and her legal team began smiling shaking hands and hugging each other, thumbs up and almost partying, Like this is a win for them, it isn’t! Nobody won anything today. Just a few feet away from their celebratory behaviour, was an old lady weeping and crying very quietly in deep sorrow. My god, where’s the respect with these people? There was no need for this PR stunt in the courtroom. This way a blatant display for the courtroom cameras. Show some dignity, for god’s sake! You’d have to have a swinging brick in your chest instead of a heart to behave like this. I honestly think this is going backfire on Karen Read, because good people don’t behave like that.

  6. LOOK THE OTHER WAY! Jackson has turned the table… Shame on you Sir. Really he has represented Weinstein. EEEEEKKK … Gross. JUSTICE FOR JOHN. There is NO WAY the entire state of Mass is in on this.

  7. Tuff yes, but LE: no NOTES, I can't recall, nothing really clear from info from them, disrespect, decided hatred and a lot of shananigans that really made me say WHAT?
    I HAVE NO RESPECT OR TRUST IN LE. People in the house very strange!!!!!!

  8. Wow, just wow. There’s no hope when there’s ppl willing to put in you prison cuz they don’t like your face/demeanor because they surely don’t care anything about the facts/truth 2024😢

  9. I think the reason they're delaying this so much.They want to get Her on something.They want her to go to jail for something They know she's not guilty But do some jail time for drinking and driving ???????.

  10. The judge, wants Karen Read convicted. She wants the case to end. The judge does not want any more investigations into the case. She is afraid even more corruption will be discovered.

  11. I think she is guilty! But i don't think the prosecution has proven beyond a reasonable doubt! She will another Casey Anthony! Its werid the mob mentality behind her supporters almost like Trump supporters…. its weird to worship someone like that! Y'all are easily convinced!

  12. Funny that the judge during the trial, kept pestering ushering the defense along, in the form of denial tactics especially during cross, as if ' time was of the essence' so much so much so, it imo portrayed her as being heavily biased in favour of the. commonwealth, now it's lets deny the defense again? and what if the jury's decision is not the outcome she agrees with, what then?

  13. Remember, we saw more than the Jury did, we heard more than they did so it maybe that it's hust not as dry-cut to them as it us us! Hard to believe though. Any doubt should bring on a Not Guilty and even with their tunnel vision of evidence they were given, I can't believe they all do not have some reasonable doubt…

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